Green Day Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of ‘Insomniac’ With Limited Edition Vinyl

More than 25 years ago (the anniversary was actually last fall), Green Day unleashed Insomniac onto the world. Recorded in San Francisco’s Hyde Street recording studio, the album featured higher volatility, leaning heavily into punk music, and darker lyrics than what the rock band had previously forged. Now, their belated album celebration comes in the form of a limited edition orange vinyl, containing brand new live tracks.

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The album is “finally old enough to rent a car (or whatever else you can do when you’re 25, we’re not lawyers) so we remastered it to celebrate, and we’re throwing in some bonus goodies to boot,” the band said of the release.

The eight live tracks were all originally recorded at a March 26th, 1996 show in Prague, a stop on their Insomniac World Tour. Those include “Geek Stink Breath,” “Walking Contradiction,” and “Brain Stew.”

Insomniac (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) is naturally streaming everywhere, as well. Order the vinyl here.

Check out the vinyl tracklist below:

Side 1

1. “Armatage Shanks”

2. “Brat”

3. “Stuck with Me”

4. “Geek Stink Breath”

5. “No Pride”

6. “Bab’s Uvula Who?”

7. “86”

Side 2

1. “Panic Song”

2. “Stuart and the Ave.”

3. “Brain Stew”

4. “Jaded”

5. “Westbound Sign”

6. “Tight Wad Hill”

7. “Walking Contradiction”

Side 3 

1. “Armatage Shanks (Live in Prague)”

2. “Brat (Live in Prague)”

3. “Geek Stink Breath (Live in Prague)”

4. “Stuck with Me (Live in Prague)”

5. “Brain Stew (Live in Prague)”

6. “Jaded (Live in Prague)”

7. “Walking Contradiction (Live in Prague)”

8. “86 (Live in Prague)”

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