Grunge Heavy ‘Yellowjackets’ Soundtrack Releasing in September

The official soundtrack for the second season of Showtime‘s hit series Yellowjackets is set to be released on September 1. Since the show is partly set in the ’90s, the soundtrack includes songs from several beloved bands from the era, including Nirvana, Garbage, the Cranberries,  4 Non Blondes, Veruca Salt, and Elliott Smith. The loaded soundtrack will be released on CD initially, before becoming available as 2xLP vinyl editions later on.

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Original music on the soundtrack includes the show’s theme sung by Alanis Morissette, as well as a powerful cover of  No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” from Florence and the Machine. Also on the soundtrack is a bizarre tune featuring vocals from John Cameron Mitchell, who plays the human incarnation of a parrot in a guest role on the series. Elijah Wood, Craig Wedren, and Anna Waronker are also featured on the track, which is titled “Sit Right Down.” 

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The second season of Yellowjackets concluded on May 28. The show follows duel timelines depicting a group of teenage female athletes stranded in the wilderness after surviving a plane crash and several of the adult survivors dealing with the aftermath. In addition to the inclusion of classic ’90s tunes, the overall score of the series was a very important part of its impact.

The show’s theme song, “No Return,” which is written by series composers Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker, is extremely important for the overall vibe of the series. “Each of our projects is like an album for our special side band,” Waronker told Pitchfork while discussing creating the perfect music for the show. “The show goes from drama to weird comedy to pure horror to existential dread—a kaleidoscope of tones and genres,” Wedren chimed in.

Check out the official track list for Yellowjackets Season 2 Official Soundtrack: Music from The Original Series below:

01 Alanis Morissette: “No Return”
02 Florence and the Machine: “Just a Girl”
03 Nirvana: “Something in the Way”
04 Live: “Lightning Crashes”
05 The Cranberries: “Zombie”
06 Garbage: “#1 Crush”
07 Pulp: “Sorted for E’s & Wizz”
08 Veruca Salt: “Seether”
09 Necking: “Big Mouth”
10 Papa Roach: “Last Resort”
11 4 Non Blondes: “What’s Up?”
12 Sparks: “Angst in My Pants”
13 John Cameron Mitchell: “Sit Right Down” [ft. Elijah Wood, Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker]
14 Nouvelle Vague: “The Killing Moon”
15 Elliott Smith: “Pitseleh”
16 Alanis Morissette: “No Return (Lottie’s Dream Sequence – Alt Version)”

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