Ian Flanigan Celebrates Release of “Last Name on It” with American Songwriter

Ian Flanigan had already been enjoying a full-time touring gig by the time February 2020 rolled around. As desperate times called for radical measures, the singer-songwriter used the last bit of normalcy the year offered to attend an unexpected audition for NBC’s The Voice.

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Upon hearing his soulful vocals judge Blake Shelton said Flanigan had “the most unique voice maybe I’ve ever heard on The Voice.” His fellow judges, Usher and Gwen Stefani, also sang his praises calling him a “top gun” and a “rare voice.”

Despite placing third overall in the famed competition show, Flanigan scored a record deal with Reviver Music and spent the last year honing a unique country flavor to compliment his singular voice. While the singer is gearing up to share an 11-track album, Strong, this September, celebrate the release of the single “Last Name on It,” at the American Songwriter office in Nashville, Tennessee.

The track sees Flanigan waxing poetic about wanting to change his girl’s last name: Cause your name from the day I heard it / One word away from perfect / But girl if I’m being honest / I wanna put my last name on it / Put my last name on it.

Flanigan took to American Songwriter’s outdoor stage to play the mid-tempo rocker as well as a few other selections from his impending album. The same “whiskey and cigarettes” voice he displayed on The Voice was well accounted for during the release party as he teased what is sure to be a killer country album.

A couple of other tracks from the impending LP are available to stream now, including “Under a Summer Sky” and “Grow Up” featuring his Voice coach Blake Shelton. The remainder of the album is due out September 2 on digital and vinyl. You can pre-order both now.

Check out the highlights from Ian Flanigan’s release party below.

Ian Flanigan at American Songwriter

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