‘The Voice’ Finalist Sheds Light on New Album and Friendship With Blake Shelton

Back during season 19 of The Voice, fans rallied around Ian Flanigan as he became a favorite on the show. Seeing his stardom rise, the singer eventually found himself in the top five. With victory within his grasp, his time on The Voice came to an end when he placed third. Although wanting to win the competition, Flanigan didn’t let the loss keep him down as he continued to move forward. Now, years later, the singer navigates a marriage, a new album, and an ongoing friendship with country star Blake Shelton. 

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While finding himself married to his wife, Kelsey Charles, after they met at a country music festival, Flanigan discussed how his life had numerous ups and downs along the way. Speaking with Fox News Digital, the singer admitted to struggling with alcohol in the past. “I started off playing dive bars when I was 18 [and] 19, playing for tips and booze … So by the time I was 25, I just had a really unhealthy relationship with alcohol.” Thankfully, Flanigan decided to change his way and April will mark nine years since he decided to stop drinking. 

Ian Flanigan Continues Friendship With Blake Shelton After ‘The Voice’

Besides starting a family, Flanigan released his new single “Broken Heart” on Friday, March 29. Although the title sounds somewhat sad, he promised, “You’d think by [the title] it might be a sad song — but it’s really about celebrating this beautiful woman that you’re with. And a lot of guys are going to be leaving with a broken heart because they’re not leaving with her.” Seeming to channel his love for his wife in the song, Flanigan also works on his new album The Man My Momma Raised. Hoping to release the album soon, the singer praised Shelton for helping him navigate the music industry. 

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While no longer part on The Voice, Shelton proved that his guidance extended far from the show as many contestants thanked him for his advice. Wanting to help the next wave of artists break into the industry, Flanigan praised the country star. “Blake has changed my life in so many ways, [and] he’s just been an amazing friend and mentor to me.” He continued, “He’s just such a down-to-earth person [and] he’s given me a lot of great advice to kind of navigate this industry.” 

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