Jackson Wooten Evokes Tender Emotion on “Flower”

With a careful and vulnerable fragility, Jackson Wooten is an artist with beautiful storytelling abilities and a distinctly poignant voice. 

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Reminiscent of the intimate and emotional works of Bon Iver, Wooten’s newest release, “Flower” has such a vivid narrative that even someone who has never felt what Wooten details is able to empathize immediately. 

He shares that the track was written while he was in a long-distance relationship, both people struggling in their own ways and seeking some sort of solace. 

“This song started out as a love letter to someone on the other side of the country. We were both going through some pretty tough times, and I wrote ‘Flower’ to be some sort of comfort for us. It’s really about finding something positive even when it feels like the world is crumbling around you.”

Finding the unique perspectives in everyday life, Wooten sings “And you were a flower in the cracks / and I’ve never felt like that”. While the idea of a flower peeking out of a crack seems commonplace at first glance, it encapsulates an emotion that otherwise wouldn’t be articulated as gracefully. 

His strength lies in poetic storytelling and speaking on specific situations that somehow apply to all. This ability is something he admires in other songwriters as well.

“Favorite lyric off the top of my head: ‘One of us will die inside these arms / Eyes wide open, naked as we came / One will spread our ashes around the yard,’ from ‘Naked as We Came’ by Iron & Wine,” he says.  “It’s such a beautiful and intricate way of describing the love between two people. A lot of songs say the same thing, but it’s so amazing when you can find your own unique perspective.” 

Aside from effectual lyricism, Wooten shares that putting together ‘Flower’ wasn’t all roses and daisies. The studio he was recording in, Station West here in Nashville, was forced to close its doors amidst the pandemic. 

“It was a stressful time to say the least – unemployed and unable to record any music. Then we had to adjust to recording safely during the pandemic. It was chaotic but beautiful. The process helped us mentally get through the solitude of quarantine.”

While Wooten has the benefit of going back to the studio to work on the thing he loves most, music, he’s aware of how much others are still in desperate need of comfort. He hopes this track will resonate with his listeners and bring about some encouragement to the people who need it. 

“I hope people get some comfort from this song – in the same way that it comforted me. We’re living in an uncomfortable time, and I believe music plays a vital role in helping people through difficult situations. I hope my music can do that.”

His humility coupled with his tender storytelling make for music that is moving beyond reproach. 

Watch the music video for “Flower” below. 

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