Daily Discovery: Jasmine Ash Releases Acoustic ‘Bed-In’ Version “Same Sun”

“I will never forget a trusted peer telling me that I should embrace who I really am: a positive, uplifting and happy person,” Jasmine Ash told American Songwriter.

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On April 24, Ash released her new single “Same Sun,” which shows off her bright and energetic songwriting abilities. On Tuesday, she released a special acoustic, ‘bed-in’ version of the song. The two different versions of the song demonstrate the range of Ash’s artistry, which blends genres, thoughtful lyrics and infectious hooks. They also demonstrate Ash’s aforementioned natural positivity… which was actually something that took her a while to come around to.

“At first I was offended, like: no, I’m super tough and really intimidating!” Ash said. “As it turns out, I’m pretty positive and that is okay because it’s me! I have spent many years in my career writing for others and writing from their perspective, so I wanted to write something that felt true to me but wasn’t preachy or too cookie-cutter. The result was ‘Same Sun,’ a song I am super proud of and feel really represents the message I was trying to convey as well as just a fun jam that hopefully makes people smile a lot. And I should mention I wrote this song a while before the pandemic happened and for some reason was resisting releasing it, until now, which feels like the perfect time.”

And she’s got a point — many of the sentiments of the song feel like an echo of the sentiments of hope that are starting to pop up everywhere in this very uncertain time… which makes it even more incredible that Ash wrote it long before the pandemic began. With the end of the chorus proclaiming “you’re not the only one/ we’re walking under the same sun,” Ash reminds us that we are stronger when we focus on what unites us rather than what divides us.

Watch the acoustic, ‘bed-in’ version of Jasmine Ash’s new single “Same Sun” below:

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