A country star is taking a break following this harrowing accident

It isn’t the way you want to end your week. Shoot, it isn’t the way you want to start a week, or ever have in your week at all. Car accidents are at the least inconvenient, but they can also be devastating and even fatal.

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Fortunately, when country singer Jason Michael Carroll was involved in a car crash this week, he wasn’t injured, but the accident just added more stress to a week that had already been challenging for the 39-year-old “Livin’ Our Love Song” singer.

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Jason shared a photo of the aftermath of the accident on his socials, and then elaborated. He wrote, “Well, this week has sucked. Could always be worse I reckon. Glad I had already dropped my kids off at school this morning before this lady pulled out in front of me. I was driving my father in laws Volvo and was slowing down to make a turn at the next road. If this doesn’t make you think twice about the safety of the car you’re driving, it should. Between this, financial worries, our poor dog and everything else, I’m really tired of this week. Sorry for the heavy post, but I have always been open with y’all. I have a headache. I’m resting now.”

He then hashtags the post, “#CheckingOutForABit.”

While Jason doesn’t go into details on his financial woes, earlier posts reveal that his family’s dog, Blocker, has a condition that is causing swelling and fluid retention in his stomach.

And while the family’s pet is doing better, he is still in need of puppy prayers.

Things did seem to take a turn for Jason that evening after his unfortunate accident. In a post that followed, he said that the family had all gone out to watch his youngest son play basketball. Afterwards, perhaps to celebrate the young man getting the highest score of his basketball career so far, the family stopped at a local Waffle House for dinner where someone picked up the tab.

“I went up and told her ‘Thank you,’” Jason says. “She said she followed me online and said she knows we’ve had a rough week. I try to focus on the positive in most situations, but I’ll admit sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the now. I appreciate you all following me even when I’m not all sunshine and rainbows. Keep the prayers going for Blocker. He’s laying beside me while I’m watching the UNC game on the couch, sore but glad today wasn’t worse. #ThankYouAll”

Angels among us?

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Jason is still actively performing and living in North Carolina with wife Wendy, and children Jason, Gavin, Savanna and Stori Paige. His last album was the 2015 independent, crowd-funded project, “What Color is Your Sky.”

He also shared a post on Feb. 1 explaining that he played a role in a movie titled “Strings” that is currently in negotiation for distribution.

We’re sending lots of love and light to Jason, his family and Blocker during this trying time. Praying for better days ahead.

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