Jeremy Renner Releasing Five Songs For Movie Soundtrack

Transition Music Corporation (TMC) announces the release of ARCTIC DOGS: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available on November 1st. ARCTIC DOGS will also open in theaters nationwide on November 1st.

ARCTIC DOGS tells the story of Swifty the Arctic fox (Academy Award® nominee Jeremy Renner), who stumbles upon a dark scheme to melt the Arctic. Swifty decides he must team up with his ragtag group of friends to try and save the day. ARCTIC DOGS co-stars many well-known actors portraying animated characters, including: Emmy Award® winner Heidi Klum (‘Jade’ and ‘Bertha’), Academy Award® nominee Alec Baldwin (‘PB’), Academy Award® nominee John Cleese (‘Otto Von Walrus’), Academy Award® nominee James Franco (‘Lemmy’), Academy Award® nominee Angelica Huston (‘Magda’), Michael Madsen (‘Duke’), Omar Sy (‘Leopold’), and Laurie Holden (‘Dakota’).

The OST features five Renner songs, who has been perking ears as of late with his foray into music. “Nomad” and “Sign” were released by Renner this summer. “Believer” is the most recent release, with an official lyric video available now. 

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The album will also feature “Center of Gravity” by BMG artist Rocky Wallace and the original score by Emmy nominated composer David Buckley. This marks the second collaboration between Renner and Buckley, who also composed the score for “The Town” along with Harry-Gregson Williams and for which Renner received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

1. Sign – Jeremy Renner
2. Believer – Jeremy Renner
3. Have You Seen The Light? – Jeremy Renner
4. Dinner For One – Jeremy Renner
5. Nomad – Jeremy Renner
6. Center of Gravity – Rocky Wallace

7. Taigasville
8. Swifty & Jade
9. Wild Ride
10. Snowbody’s Perfect
11. Put to the Test
12. Stealing the Sled
13. A Strange New Friend
14. Awkward Moments
15. Suspended
16. La Resistance
17. Foxnapped
18. Ransacked Hangar
19. Belly of the Beast
20. Nefarious Plans
21. Realizing It’s a Bigger Problem
22. Behind the Curtain
23. Puffin Camp
24. The Team Unites
25. The Battle
26. In the Thick of It
27. Just a Fox

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