John Morgan Taps Jason Aldean for New Rendition of Fan-Favorite Track “Friends Like That”

John Morgan originally released “Friends Like That” as a single in September 2022. Then, he included it in his 2023 EP Remember Us. The song is far and away Morgan’s most popular, garnering more than 28 million streams since its initial release. Today, he released a revamped version of the song featuring Jason Aldean. Listen to the souped-up version of the fan-favorite track below.

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Morgan isn’t just aiming for bigger streaming numbers with this release. Instead, he’ll be sending the new rendition of “Friends Like That” to country radio. It will hit the airwaves on April 22. “Having a song on the radio is what you always dream about when you pursue this career,” he said in a statement. “I grew up on country radio and to know that another kid might grow up with me on the radio and want to pursue a music career too is a really cool thought,” he added.

John Morgan and Jason Aldean Make a Good Team

Aldean and Morgan have been working together behind the scenes for a couple of years. Aldean signed Morgan to Night Train Records. Additionally, he has written multiple hits for the “Big Green Tractor Singer.

Morgan had writing credits on “If I Didn’t Love You” which brought him his first No. 1 at country radio, “Trouble with a Heartbreak” which also topped the Country Airplay Chart, and “That’s What Tequila Dows” which peaked at No. 5 at country radio.  

Aldean spoke about working with Morgan in a statement. “I’ve been in town here in Nashville for 25 years, and John Morgan is one of the most talented guys I’ve ever come across in all aspects—as a singer, as a songwriter, and as a performer,” he shared. Then, about being on the radio-ready version of “Friends Like That,” he said, “It’s a really cool thing for me as an artist to sign another artist. So, jumping on this song that’s also jumpstarting his career along with going to radio, I’m excited for what’s to come from John Morgan and glad he’s one of ours and on our team.

Morgan on Re-Releasing “Friends Like That” with Aldean

Ahead of the release of the single, Morgan took a moment to speak exclusively to American Songwriter about its origins and the re-release. “I wrote this song with Brent Anderson, Will Bundy, and Lydia Vaughan,” he recalled. “Brent came in that day with the title in mind for us to explore. Originally, the song was meant to be a little more somber than the way it ended up. We made it more lighthearted, fun and like a campfire sing-a-long,” Morgan added.

“This song is especially special to me because not only did I write it with my closest friends but it’s my debut single at country radio and it features Jason Aldean who I grew up listening to and who gave me my first No. 1 as a songwriter,” Morgan revealed. “Thankful and excited is an understatement.”

Stream “Friends Like That” everywhere and look for it on your local country radio station starting April 22.

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