Johnny Depp To Edit Lost Woody Guthrie Novel

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This novel is your novel, from the rhapsodic prose to the working-class themes.

The book in question is House Of Earth, the lost Woody Guthrie novel, which will be edited by Johnny Depp and historian Douglas Brinkley, the New York Times reports. The book is scheduled for release next year.

“House of Earth was written as a direct response to the Dust Bowl,” Brinkley and Depp write in the Times piece. “In December 1936 the rambling troubadour had an epiphany while busking for tips in New Mexico. He’d traveled there after a treacherous duster whacked the Texas Panhandle town of Pampa, where he’d been living in poverty. While in New Mexico, Guthrie became transfixed by an adobe hacienda’s sturdy rain spouts and soil-straw bricks, a simple yet solid weatherproof structure unlike most of his Texan friends’ homes, which were poorly constructed with flimsy wooden boards and cheap nails.”

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