Is Linkin Park Making a Comeback with a New Vocalist?

It wasn’t that long ago that fans across social media were buzzing around with rumors that Evanescence’s Amy Lee was going to be joining Linkin Park on tour as their new vocalist. The singer has since put those rumors to bed, but there is still some speculation that the “Numb” hitmakers are planning a comeback.

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According to online reports, Linkin Park is considering a reunion tour with a new female singer in place of the band’s late frontman Chester Bennington. Bennington passed away in 2017, and the band has only performed a handful of times in the years since his tragic death.

Is Linkin Park Planning a Comeback?

According to reports from Billboard, the band has been shopping around for festival headlining dates and potential tour sponsors for 2024. What we do know is that three members of the band (Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Dave Farrell) are considering a comeback under Linkin Park and are considering a new female vocalist to succeed Bennington. Billboard has sourced their information from “several sources close to the band.”

So, is it all just speculation? Maybe, but if there was ever a time for a Linkin Park reunion, it would be now. Pop punk and alt-rock bands from their peak era have been making comebacks and performing at festivals left and right this year. A comeback tour in the next year or so would be perfect timing.

Whoever the band chooses to fill Bennington’s shoes will have a lot to live up to. During his tenure with Linkin Park, Bennington was considered one of the most gifted vocalists of the aughts. And Linkin Park as a band was a cornerstone genre-bending group during their heyday.

Plus, Linkin Park’s appeal has stood the test of time. The band just released a greatest hits album, Papercuts, which included vocals from Bennington that had not previously been released. The song catapulted to #1 on the US Rock and Alternative Airplay Chart.

We’ll keep you updated as more details on Linkin Park’s possible reunion and new vocalist emerge.

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