Jordan Davis Reveals Second Album ‘Bluebird Days’

Just one week after winning the 2022 CMA Award for Song of the Year for his 2021 hit, “Buy Dirt,” and also picking up an American Music Award nod for Favorite Country Song, Jordan Davis has exclusively revealed the title and cover of his upcoming second album, Bluebird Days, due out Feb. 17, 2023.

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“When I think back about this year and all the milestones we’ve had I am just, grateful,” Davis tells American Songwriter. “‘Buy Dirt’ has always had an amazing fan connection-but between winning CMA song of the year last week—which was a dream come true—and my first ever AMA nomination for the same song ….when it’s a fan voted award and at an all genre award show, I just have nothing but tremendous gratitude for everyone who has supported and connected with the song.” 

Bluebird Days, a follow-up to Davis’ 2018 debut, Home State, is a continuation of Davis’ more personal narratives, which began with the No. 1 hit “Buy Dirt,” and the songs that followed. Previously released songs “Next Thing You Know,” “Midnight Crisis” featuring Danielle Bradbery, current single “What My World Spins Around” and “Part of It,” which is co-written with his brother Jacob Davis, along with Jordan Walker and Matt McKinney, also will be available on the project.

“Part of It” follows the story of high school sweethearts as they’re falling in love—She was a hallway queen / Outta my league and I smiled ear to ear / And every night she was in my truck / Young love did what it does—and how love can often fade over time—Sometimes you’re gonna hurt like hell and have some scars from it / Leave you with a story to tell.

Taking a cue from “Buy Dirt,” Davis shares another ode to his grandfather, and how he grew an 80-acre farm from one seed and continues into the story of meeting his wife Kristen O’Connor and raising their two young children, singing I don’t know who I’d be if they weren’t part of it.

All the songs on Bluebird Days were written after “Buy Dirt,” with the exception of one track. An avid duck hunter, Davis pulled the title from a hunting term “bluebird day,” referring to warm and sunnier days when the ducks are lounging instead of moving around.

On Bluebird Days, Davis returns to work with producer Paul DiGiovanni, who produced Home State in addition to co-writing three songs on his debut. “I think he [DiGiovanni] has gotten more confident, and he’s got this vision of where everything is going,” Davis says. “It’s been really cool watching him grow and bring these songs to life.”

Stepping further into his own life on Bluebird Days, Davis is beginning to bare some of his most personal stories yet. “It’s been an evolution, and not just from a songwriting standpoint,” says Davis of the new album.

“I feel like it’s allowed me to have some more fun in the studio, to be able to bring in some instruments that you never would have heard on my records three years ago,” he adds. “Everything matches the song. It’s not just putting instruments on songs because you think they need to be there or it’s pulling instruments out and letting the song be a song and letting the lyrics lead it. Nothing feels forced. To me, it’s an album expressing exactly where I’m at right now.”

When writing, Davis still finds stories from various peripherals. Other times, it’s an honest connection to a real-life story someone has shared like the Home State hit “Slow Dancing in a Parking Lot,” which recounts co-writer Lonnie Fowler’s first date with his wife.

“I’m always searching for the next song, whether it be in a movie I’m watching or a book I’m reading or just listening to somebody talk,” says Davis. “You’ve got to truly be listening. I’m always trying to find an angle to a story, or if somebody says something that sounds like it can go somewhere. Some days you just have to sit down and get lost in thought until something pops into your head.”

Davis adds, “But it’s a song like ‘Buy Dirt’ that makes you realize that the more honest you get with it, the more impact it has. Even with some of my favorite songwriters, the reason why I fell in love with the way they wrote songs is because it always felt like it was coming from their hearts or something they lived through. You have to write from that place.”

On tour with Luke Combs through December 2002, Davis is also scheduled to perform “What My World Spins Around” during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24.

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