Listen: Kassi Ashton Brings a Bold New Sound to Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle”

Kassi Ashton brings a new sonic perspective to a ’90s pop classic with her latest single. Released today (November 3), her brilliantly reimagined version of Christina Aguilera‘s trademark hit “Genie In a Bottle” was recorded as a gift to Ashton’s devoted fans.

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“The cover was born from me just singing the song around my house and wondering what it would sound like slowed and run through an organic country filter,” Ashton shared in a statement. “I brought it up to my band, and they instantly wanted to experiment and perform it live. It quickly became a go-to cover song for us because the crowd response was more than I expected. My DMs started filling with requests for a recorded version. At the heart, it was the fans who did this. I just gave them what they wanted.”

Ashton brings a laid-back confidence to her slow-rolling take on the familiar Aguilera track. She leans into the lyrics’ bold flirtatiousness, offering a blend of feminine sensuality and strength that’s rarely heard in modern mainstream country.

“In country music, the space in which women are allowed to feel sexy about themselves, for themselves, is very small,” Ashton added. “I hope this widens it.”

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Ashton’s version of “Genie In a Bottle” follows the release of her recent hit single “Drive You Out of My Mind.” The genre-blending talent has shared a stream of captivating one-off tracks since her breakout debut, “California, Missouri,” arrived in 2018.

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Ashton is still keeping details of her next musical project mostly under wraps. Although no specifics have been shared, fans can expect more new music to arrive in the months ahead.

Listen to Kassi Ashton’s rendition of “Genie In a Bottle” below:

Photo by Robby Klein, Courtesy of MCA Nashville

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