Keith Richards Discusses Marriage with Patti Hansen and How His Children Inspired “Wild Horses” and “Angie”

Many fans may look back on the legendary stories that surround The Rolling Stones and believe that all of the band’s members lived lives of debauchery. However, that’s not the case. In a recent interview, Keith Richards revealed how much his family means to him. Also, he spoke briefly about how his children inspired two classic Stones songs.

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Earlier this month, Richards appeared on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM to support the upcoming album Hackney Diamonds. During the conversation, they discussed the legendary rocker’s family and the impact they’ve had on his life.

Stern turned the conversation to Richards’ family with a question about his parenting style. “When I think of Keith Richards, I think, ‘Oh wow, how fun to grow up in a house with Keith Richards ‘cause anything goes.’ Maybe you were a disciplinarian. Maybe you were like, ‘Fuck this, I’m not letting these kids get away with anything,’” he said.

“Me, not so much. But, my old lady is,” Richards answered, laughing. Stern opined that Richards’ wife of 40 years, Patti Hansen, gives him “tremendous stability.” He added, “I get the feeling that she has given you a life where you feel really at home.”

“Absolutely,” Richards agreed. “Patti is the whole deal. By now, I wouldn’t know how to get out of bed without her,” he added. “Or how to get in,” he added, bringing laughs from Stern and Robin Quivers. He added that he’s “always” been in love with Hansen since they met on his birthday in 1979. The couple married in 1983.

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Then, the conversation turned to how Richards’ children inspire him. First, Stern surmised that Richards wrote “Wild Horses” about having to go on the road and leave his kids behind. “You felt a sense of guilt that you had to leave,” the host added. Richards’ only reply was a subtle nod, letting Stern know he was correct.

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Next, Stern brought up the Stones hit “Angie.” Richards confirmed that the song is about his daughter Angela. “I spoke to her today,” he added.

Diving into a longstanding rumor, Stern asked why so many people believed that the song was about Angie Bowie who was married to the late David Bowie in the 1970s. “Because they’re star-struck motherfuckers, you know what I mean?” the aging rocker replied.

“This was 1972 when Angela was born,” Richards clarified. “Actually, I was in rehab when I wrote it,” he said, breaking into laughter once more.

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