Nikki Sixx Discusses Mötley Crüe’s Decision To Replace Mick Mars With John 5

While helping form numerous groups over the decades, Nikki Sixx is widely known as the bassist and songwriter for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. He is also the only member of the band to stay through its entire history. And given his long history with the band, he discussed the incredible task of replacing Mick Mars. Although considering the decision a hard one to make, the musician praised the addition of John 5. 

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Speaking with Josh Klinger on Chicago’s Rock 95.5, Sixx recalled having to replace Mars after he decided to leave the band in 2022. Thankfully, the musician had worked with John 5 several times over the years. He even admitted, “John was kind of like easy prey for us. It was perfect. It was, like, well, he’s a friend and he knows the band and he loves the band. And I talked to the band about it, ’cause we were put in a horrible situation. I mean, you’ve gotta imagine how much of my life is dedicated, and Tommy [Lee, CRÜE drummer] and Vince’s life, when we were basically told that our guitar player’s leaving the band. And we had to really think hard about.”

Although having a tough decision to make, Sixx insisted, “I’m glad we did. We didn’t just wing it. John had been around with us in different versions of playing, whether it was with me or other stuff. So it was hard, but the right thing to do. And now there’s kind of a new lifeblood because we’re out on the road.”

For Mars, he left Mötley Crüe in the summer of 2022 after struggling with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Causing arthritis to affect the spine and pelvis, Mars fought through the pain for several years. No longer able to endure the pain, he decided to announce his retirement but hoped to remain part of the band. 

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Not even a year after his announcement, it seems the relationship soured after Mars filed a lawsuit against the band. He claimed after his retirement, the group tried to remove him as a main stakeholder. 

While in a legal battle, Mötley Crüe continues to release new music, with their latest single, “Dogs of War” hitting airwaves on April 26. 

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