Kelly Clarkson Covers Trisha Yearwood, JLo, James Brown, and More in Latest ‘Kellyoke’

It was another week of greatness for the talented, big-voiced singer and television show host, Kelly Clarkson.

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Over the past few days, Clarkson performed renditions of seminal songs from big-name artists like Trisha Yearwood, Jennifer Lopez, James Brown, and more. Of course, with each, she offered her supreme talents and impeccable vocal prowess. Let’s dive into each one by one.

To kick off the week, Clarkson performed a cover of “Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf, aka Harry Michael, who is an Australian rapper from Sydney, New South Wales. Singing over a fast-paced beat, Clarkson made the rap tune her own, hovering over the percussion like a beam of light. Check that song out below.

Throughout the rest of the week, Clarkson tapped into some tunes by true legends.

Next up was “Waiting For Tonight” by the ageless Jennifer Lopez. On the song, Clarkson sang delicately and intimately over an acoustic guitar. The love song sprang from Clarkson like a love potion.

Following that up, the passionate performer offered a cover of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by the king of soul, himself, James Brown. High energy meets high talent in this rendition. So good, sooo good! I got-a-you! sang the former American Idol winner and coach on The Voice.

Check out both of those offerings below.

To conclude the week, Clarkson performed perhaps her biggest number of the “Kellyoke” series since returning to her popular daytime television talk show this fall. That’s right, Clarkson took on the country legend Trisha Yearwood and her tune, “That’s What I Like About You,” which you can check out below.

On the song, Clarkson sang over a rollicking, locomotive rhythm and honored Yearwood while also making the song her own in her own special way. Such is Clarkson’s ultimate talent as an artist.

As always, check back each week with the latest in Clarkson’s popular “Kellyoke” series, and tell us which offering was your favorite from the past few days in the comments below.

Photo by Shane-McCauley / Atlantic Records

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