KEXP DJ Eva Walker’s Top “Wormhole Wednesday” Songs

In Seattle, KEXP 90.3 FM is a household name. The independent radio station, which has millions of fans and followers, is also a global phenomenon. And one of the station’s standout song spinners is Eva Walker.

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Walker, who also fronts the Seattle rock band The Black Tones, carries on a tradition when she’s on the air at KEXP. Though that tradition is only brought to light one day a week. Every Wednesday, Walker treats fans to her signature segment: Walker’s Wormhole Wednesdays.

On Saturdays, Walker hosts the city’s local show, Audioasis. Any other day of the week, she spins whatever songs are appropriate for the given occasion. But on Wednesdays, she gives out the weird, the unearthed, the hidden gems in music that she’s discovered along her journey as a fan of songs of all varieties, from homegrown rock to experimental oddities to nursery rhymes to 50-year-old Nigerian psychedelia.

“These songs on this list each represent something different,” Walker tells American Songwriter. “There’s everything from grocery store music from the ‘70s to French disco. I like to spend my free time zoning out and just looking for songs that seem interesting, songs I’ve never heard of. So, here are my favorites from many, many journeys on YouTube.”

American Songwriter wanted to showcase Walker’s favorite picks in her years giving them out on “Hump Day.” So, without further ado, here are DJ Eva Walker’s Top Wormhole Wednesday Songs.

The Hygrades, “Rough Rider”

Off Ons Ideh, “Magic”

Jackie Mittoo, “Ghetto Organ”

The Soul Machine, “Twichie Feet”

Liftmuziek, “First Floor”

Esquires Now, “Have A Party”

Wells Fargo, “Coming Home”

Sugarman And Co., “Down To It”

Kleenex, “Beri Beri” + “Nice”

Sounds for the Supermarket

Tobruk, “I’m in Love With You”

Zazou Bikaye, “Komba”

Luna Set, “Art”

Blue Gas, “Shadows From Nowhere“

Steve Monite, “Welcome My love”

Pierre Dutor, “Mountain Echos”

Lion, “You’ve Got A Woman”

Sopwith Camel, “Fazon”

XBibi Flash, “Histoire d’un soir”

Anna Karina, “Rollergirl”

Photo by Brian Snyder

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