Koe Wetzel Recalls Crazy Story of Being “Annihilated” at Kid Rock’s House After Drinking All Day in Nashville

Koe Wetzel was once rip-roaring drunk at Kid Rock’s mansion, and he recalled the crazy story on a recent episode of Rodeo Time Podcast. According to Wetzel, he had been drinking all night in Nashville with friends, drank all day during rehearsal the next day, and was then invited to hang out with Kid Rock, where he subsequently drank more.

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“I met [Kid Rock] one time at his house,” Wetzel began. “We had been in Nashville for like two or three days, we were rehearsing for the new tour. Every time I go to Nashville, it’s like you get to meet up with all your old buddies, people you hadn’t seen in a while.”

He continued, “So we were out, stayed out all night, get to rehearsal, drink all day at rehearsal, running on hardly any sleep. And Bones Owens … one of my good buddies out of Nashville, he’s next door neighbors to Bob [Ritchie, AKA Kid Rock].

“So he was like ‘Dude, Bob’s wanting you to come over and hang out.’ And I was like ‘Man, I’m pretty drunk right now but let’s go, dude.'”

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Koe Wetzel Recalls Insane Drunk Experience at Kid Rock’s Mansion in Nashville

Koe Wetzel went on to explain that he showed up drunk to Kid Rock’s mansion following the day of carousing at rehearsal. He and his tour manager, Dre, were offered a drink, eventually putting away a handle of Crown Royal between the two of them. Wetzel noted that Kid Rock wasn’t really drinking during their hang out, but that he and his manager got, in his words, “annihilated.”

“And it goes back to growing up kind of idolizing Kid Rock, you know, just loving everything about him,” Wetzel explained. “Finally get to meet him, hang out with him, he treats you just like anybody else. Down-to-earth.”

Kid Rock Once Offered Money to Get Wetzel Out of His House

Wetzel then went on to describe how the rest of the experience unfolded. “Dude, I get annihilated. I get just out of my mind drunk, I showed my a– so hard, dude. I am out of my mind,” he said. “And the last thing I remember, they’re trying to get [me to leave, saying] ‘Aright, Koe, you’re getting there a little bit.’ Dre and them were like, maybe we should leave. And I’m like ‘No, f–k that,’ you know?’”

The hang out progressed, with Koe Wetzel getting sloppier by the minute. He continued, “Me and Kid are passing around the guitar and stuff. I think the last think I remember him saying, I was like ‘$10,000.’ He’s got the bowling alley in his house, ‘$10,000, one bowl.’ And he goes, ‘I’ll give you $10,000 to get the f–k out of my house.’ I was like, alright, thank you Mr. Kid, and I’m out.”

Koe Wetzel concluded by clearing up a common misconception about his relationship with Kid Rock. “I like to get to tell that story,” he said, “because people are like, ‘Oh yeah, you and Kid Rock are buddies!’ And I’m like ‘Buddies? Hmm… maybe. We know each other, that’s for sure.’”

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