Lainey Wilson Opens up About Being “Too Country for Country” and the Dangers of AI

Having released several albums during her time on stage, Lainey Wilson continues to transform country music as she holds numerous awards, including a Grammy and the Entertainer of the Year award. With songs like “Heart Like A Truck”, “Wildflowers and Wild Horses”, and “Watermelon Moonshine”, the singer is proving herself to be more than a one-hit-wonder. And with her new special, Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country, airing on Hulu, the hitmaker discussed being “too country for country” and how she hopes to defend music from AI. 

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Although spending years trying to break into country music, Wilson isn’t wasting time as she now dominates the genre. Sitting down with Good Morning America, the singer discussed her struggles trying to gain her footing in Nashville and receiving the news of being “too country for country.” But that statement seemed wrong as she stated, “I am a Grammy Award winner. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to saying that one out loud.” Knowing how special a Grammy Award is – Wilson added, “It means a lot. It means a whole lot.”

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Lainey Wilson Defends Country Music From AI

With her Hulu special airing May 29, Wilson gained love from her countless fans with comments included, “Lainey, you are a 1 of a kind! Love you & your super outfit! Best entertainer since Loretta Lynn !” Another comment read, “Your so pretty!!! Great voice!!!!  your my favorite artist ever!!!!  I love your style, your voice and you!!!!  Keep doing what you do“ And one person added, “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WOMAN ️️She’s Really Amazing, Beautiful and Such an Awesome Person And Inspiration.”

Besides carving her place in country music, Wilson also works to protect what many have worked so hard to accomplish. With the rise of AI, many singers have spoken out about the dangers of AI in the music industry. While able to create a song in mere seconds, Wilson traveled to D.C. to speak to Congress. “I’m very proud to have gone there. I plan on doing whatever else I need to do to make sure that things actually get done about it.”  

While always willing to speak her mind in music and conversation, Wilson is quickly becoming the next face of country music. 

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