Lainey Wilson Recalls Her Favorite Fan Interaction

It has been a wild couple of years for Lainey Wilson. She has watched her star rise by leaps and bounds since the release of her 2022 breakout album Bell Bottom Country. Since then, she’s landed No. 1 singles, won awards, had opportunities to work with her heroes, and toured the UK, Europe, and Australia. However, she never lets things go to her head. Instead, she’s always quick to thank the fans that let her live her dreams.

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Recently, Wilson took to Instagram to talk about her fans ahead of the United States leg of her Country’s Cool Again Tour. In the video, she talked about the kind of people that attend her shows and shared her favorite fan interaction.

Lainey Wilson Talks About Her Fans

“Let me tell you a little bit about my fanbase. It is all over the place,” she began. “What I mean by that is I’ll look out over the crowd and I’ll literally see a man in his, like, eighties, and I’ll see a three-year-old little girl,” she explained. “I notice that all the girls have dressed up like me. I’m talking about like from the top of their head to the tip of their toes they are decked out. Looking like some bell bottom country with the flat brims, the cowboy hats with the feathers in their hats, rhinestones, and fringe, and their bell bottoms—the bigger the better. It’s awesome. It’s like everybody gets to play dress-up for the night,” she added.

That brought her to one of her favorite fan moments. “Let’s back it up,” she said, starting the story. “I was scrolling on TikTok and I saw this girl who dresses like me and she was saying that kid at school made fun of her for dressing that way,” Wilson recalled. “So, I dueted her TikTok and I was pumping her up. I was telling her don’t you worry about what anybody has to say about you, you just keep doing your thing,” she said. That would have been a great story, but it was just the beginning.

Later, Wilson was playing a show in New York City when she saw a sign that said “Will you sign my forehead?” She couldn’t pass that up and called the fan up to ink her forehead. That’s when she realized it was the girl from TikTok. She then asked the young fan to sign her forehead and shared a photo of it as proof.

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