Lainey Wilson Shares Her Feelings on the Current Popularity of Country Music and the Lifestyle It Soundtracks

Lainey Wilson‘s latest single “Country’s Cool Again” isn’t just a great country song. It’s also a true statement. Last year, the genre saw massive streaming numbers. Additionally, several massive country stars are seeing crossover success on the all-genre Billboard charts. More than that, Western fashion is coming back into style. This is especially true after Yellowstone became a huge hit.

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Unlike some country singers, Wilson grew up living the songs she sings today. She comes from a family of farmers and has deep roots in the Louisiana soil. For her—and many like her—country isn’t just a genre of music. It’s a way of life. These days, it’s a way of life that countless people around the world want to experience. Wilson is more than happy to kick the barn doors open and let everyone in.

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Recently, she sat down with Audacy’s Rob + Holly to talk about her career, dreams for the future, and more. During the conversation, she talked about her feelings about country being cool.

Lainey Wilson Is Cool with Country Being Cool

The show’s co-host, Holly said, “Now, it does seem like country is cool again and you have been saying that. Everyone’s kind of jumping on board. Do you feel like you’re heading the pack?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m heading it,” Wilson replied. “But,” she added, “I will tell you, right now it is so cool, first of all, to see people just love the way that I grew up. Not even talking about country music. Just, like, the Western way of life.”

Wilson added, “It is really cool to see people want to wear a cowboy hat and ride a horse.”

A New Generation of Country Stars

Wilson is among a small subset of country artists who are injecting their personalities into traditional country music to make something fresh and unique. At the same time, the music they create is not so far removed from previous generations of entertainers that genre purists and older fans can’t enjoy it.

Earlier this year, Wilson took home the People’s Choice Award for Female Country Artist. During her acceptance speech, she talked about the new generation of country artists. “I’m so proud of country music right now,” she said. “So proud to be part of a generation of country music where I feel like everybody looks different and sounds different and has a different story and come from different walks of life,” she added.

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