Langston Francis Wastes No Time On New Feel-Good Single

Since the earliest days of music-making, escapism has been a prevalent and cathartic element of artistic expression. The comforting folk songs passed down from generation to generation around the world offered an escape, a retrieve into the past. The warm croons of singers like Vera Lynn and Bing Crosby assured deployed troops in World War II that blue skies would return again someday. The sunshiny, easygoingness of Jimmy Buffett allowed an entire generation of confused and frustrated listeners a way to relax and find fulfillment in the pleasures of life. Through thick and thin, escapism has always offered relief.

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And now, in 2020, amid a global pandemic and increasing international political tension, escapism is taking on a new form with the guiding hand of young artists… young artists like Toronto’s Langston Francis. On May 29, Francis released a new single by the name of “Waste My Time,” which is a testament to the good vibes that have become so prominent for the members of Gen Z. 

“When I was younger I strived to be taken so seriously,” Francis told American Songwriter, “but as I’ve gotten older I notice the pendulum swinging the opposite direction. I wrote ‘Waste My Time’ because it was how I was feeling on a sunny day in Los Angeles. I want people to hear a more carefree side of my music.”

That ‘carefree side’ certainly shines on the song’s effortless melodies and lush pop production. From the way the nostalgia-core synth pads carry the tranquil chord progression to the way the “boy she worth the drama” drop hits just right, the song is an exact equation for a good time. 

“No matter how many hits a group of people have under their belt, if you can’t vibe together it is very tough to get something everyone is proud of,” Francis said. I write best when I don’t force anything, life is overflowing with inspiration. The vibe is key.”

Listen to Langston Francis’s new song “Waste My Time” below:

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