Carter Faith Releases ‘Let Love Be Love’ & Joins the Ranks of Future Popstars

Rising country star Carter Faith’s new stunning EP is out now (August 20). The EP, Let Love Be Love, features six country-pop tunes with lyrics that range from heartfelt to spicy. 

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Faith’s silky voice is the perfect combination of Kacey Musgraves’ smooth tone and Maren Morris’ country twang. Yet, Faith’s voice isn’t the only factor that’ll make you fall in love with her music—her lyrics are just as captivating.

Standouts from the EP include “Buzzkilla” and “Lasso”—two tunes that blend modern sentiments with old country, as well as “Joyride.” “Buzzkilla,” a single Faith released earlier this month, is about those who find every opportunity to rain on others’ parades. Faith criticizes those who won’t “live and let live.”

“When I go to a party, I’m not judging people. I want to have fun! I was kind of just so sick of that [judgment]. So we wrote a song about it,” Faith says. “But also judging yourself is such a huge thing. I feel like I go to a party and people are either judging themselves or other people and it’s such a waste of time and energy. So I just wanted to write it as a fun party song but also as kind of a non-judgmental anthem.”

The other standout, “Lasso,” feels straight out of an old western film, with a dreamy minor chord progression and echoey whistles in the chorus. Faith sings of a lover that has her under his thumb, and how his manipulation feels like she’s being tied up in a rope lasso. You know just how to spin it, it’s a game, I want you to win it, she sings.

Alongside these tunes, the other songs don’t disappoint. The title of the EP was actually prompted from a poem Faith holds close to her heart, “Let July Be July,” by Morgan Harper Nichols. The poem is about being okay with staying present in a moment, even though it may be one of discomfort.

Utilizing poetry to spark her songwriting process, especially throughout a time of widespread uncertainty, Faith has beautifully captured a wide range of deep emotions in her work. Most importantly, her intricate music allows listeners to stay in the moment.

You can listen to Let Love Be Love here now.

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