Lexy Panterra Embraces Her Inner ‘Hot Girl’

While Lexy Panterra is best known as a successful businesswoman, model, Instagram influencer (with 2.6 million followers) and twerk-er, she’s also been wearing the “rapper” cap since 2016. Since then, she’s released a string of singles that establish a fiery, bombastic and inspiring sound. Now, she’s released a debut album — Baddie Vibez, which dropped on August 28. A stand-out track from the record is “Hot Girl,” a tune that embodies the same body positivity that fueled Panterra’s successful business, Twerkout, as well as Panterra’s influences.

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“I was inspired by the hot boys back in the day in the industry and I was inspired by Megan Thee Stallion,” Panterra told American Songwriter. “She started the hot girl movement. It seemed like a good fit to mention her in the song too!”

And she does mention Megan Thee Stallion, saying “Meg said get up on hot girl shit/ So I had to hot girl this.” In embracing that ethos, Panterra is participating in a wider wave of feminism that has taken pop culture by storm. Along with Doja Cat, Asnikko, Cardi B and more, a progressive feminist image is quickly coming to the foreground of the music industry. However, Panterra puts a unique twist on the ethos by injecting it with a certain level of physicality. Whereas Megan Thee Stallion or Cardi B take hold of a track through their powerful personalities, Panterra embraces a more rhythmic, visceral approach.

Perhaps we can call it less of a “head high” and more of a “body high,” a reference that would hit with Panterra, who disclosed that her best writing happens when “I have my weed, a dope beat and a little spark of inspiration from anything.”

For “Hot Girl,” that spark of inspiration was the chance to spread a message of positivity. “I wrote this song as an empowerment anthem for other women to feel their most confident and sexy selves and take back control,” Panterra said. “I hope my fans take this message and run with it, and realize they are in charge of their own lives. Whenever I blast ‘Hot Girl,’ I know that I am ‘that’ girl. This is a song to dance to and to feel that strong feminine energy. I want people to turn it up when they need a little boost of confidence and to bust a move to it!”

Listen to “Hot Girl” by Lexy Panterra below:

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