The Dumes Mix Catharsis And Rock’n’Roll On New Single “Liquor & High”

“For the first time, I was in a place where I was ready to be selfish with my time and the people around me weren’t handling it well,” Elodie Tomlinson told American Songwriter.

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Growing up one of seven children, Tomlinson learned early in life that sometimes the only way to be heard is to speak up and make some noise. Now, as the lead singer for the Los Angeles-based indie-rock band, The Dumes, she’s doing just that. After ruminating on that aforementioned place where she was “ready to be selfish,” Tomlinson penned the band’s third single, “Liquor & High,” which dropped on October 30.

“This song started as a sad song on piano, but when I brought it into the room with the band, it turned into a totally different feeling,” Tomlinson said. “I started owning being a selfish bitch.”

And the room that Tomlinson brought the song into wasn’t just any room… it was a session at Sunset Sound with producer Joe Chiccarelli (known for his work with Morrissey, Spoon, The Shins, My Morning Jacket and more). “Joe really focused on us performing as a live band, capturing full takes,” Tomlinson said. “We took an empirical approach to crafting parts that served the spirit of the song. It was a fun process.” 

It’s true — “Liquor & High” does capture that live, bombastic prowess that so many music fans are missing in these pandemic-induced concert-less days. Between the fuzzed-out bassline, the interlocking indie guitars and Tomlinson’s impassioned vocal performance, the song feels prime to be blasted in a sweaty, rock venue somewhere. For her part, Tomlinson hopes fans can connect with that energy.

“ I want people to be able to sink into their alter-ego and rock out!” she said. “These lyrics were very cathartic for me — I was able to embrace the feelings that I initially thought were ‘crazy’ and stop putting other people’s needs ahead of my own. Embrace your inner crazy.”

Watch the music video for “Liquor & High” by The Dumes below:

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