Liam Gallagher Apologizes for Posting Death Threat to Spanish Football Player

Liam Gallagher has apologized for sending a hateful tweet directed toward Atletico Madrid football player Stefan Savic, following a recent tense game between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City during the Champions League match on April 13.

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The game ended in a 0-0, pushing Atletico Madrid out of the league, and towards the end of the match, Savic head-butted Manchester player Raheem Sterling. A lifelong supporter of Manchester City, Gallagher, who was already posting during the game, went to Twitter with a post directed at the player.

“Stefan Savic this is a threat,” wrote Gallagher in a now-deleted Tweet. “If I come across you ya goofy looking cunt [you’re] dead MCFC.” Soon after, Gallagher expressed remorse at his initial post.

“I’m really upset and annoyed at myself,” wrote Gallagher. “I feel I’ve let all my fans down by my outlandish behavior. I’m a role model to grown-ups—hope you can forgive me.”

Following a series of mostly one-word ranting posts during the game, Gallagher also responded to comments from his initial post writing, “He who without sin throw the first stone. Have a good Friday and remember always look on the bright side of life…”

Gallagher is set to release his third album, C’mon You Know on May 27 and has already shared the title track and single “Everything’s Electric.”

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