Lil Durk Delays Album, Recruits J. Cole for Uplifting Single Instead

Although slated for May 12, Lil Durk’s new studio album Almost Healed did not release today. The Chicago icon’s long-anticipated upcoming LP, previously meant to be titled The Voice 2.0, was delayed just hours before its intended midnight ET release time.

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Instead, Durk decided to put out the album’s lead promotional single “All My Life,” which sees his first-ever collaboration with J. Cole. Featuring a children’s choir for its epic All my life / They been tryin’ to keep me down hook, “All My Life” sees a change in tone from Durk, swapping his aggressive, gun-and-drug-involved lyrics for an inspirational, uplifting anthem.

Throughout his singular verse, Durk demonstrates a mature demeanor as he raps about how his rough upbringing made his “superstar” outcome highly unlikely.

I done sat with the mayor and politicians, I’m tryna change the image
You can’t blame my past no more, I come from the trenches
Some said I’d never be a superstar, but I know I’m different (No, no, no)
I’m The Voice, but the system ain’t give me a choice

In the song’s second and final verse, J. Cole offers up wisdom regarding many rappers’ untimely deaths, and how the hip-hop community tends to react poorly.

These days seein’ rappers be dyin’, way before they even gettin’ they shine
I never even heard of lil’ buddy
‘Til somebody murdered lil’ buddy
Now I’m on the phone, searchin’ lil’ buddy name
Got ’em playin’ his tunes, all day in my room
Thinkin’, “Damn, this shit is wicked, to get they name buzzin’ some niggas just gotta go lay in a tomb”
And media thirsty for clicks
I got a new rule
If you ain’t never posted a rapper when he was alive
You can’t post about him after he get hit

Along with putting out “All My Life,” Lil Durk set a new release date for Almost Healed, which is now two weeks away (May 26). Additionally, he revealed the LP’s cover art, which sees him bandaged and bloodied up in front of a white backdrop.

With the “All My Life” music video hitting 1 million views on YouTube after just 12 hours, it’s clear Durk’s fans are chomping at the bit for him to finally unleash his impending full-length project.

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