Lily & Madeleine On First Aid Kit, Reddit And High School

To add to their list of accomplishments, the sisters recorded a duet with John Mellencamp for the soundtrack of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the brainchild of Mellencamp, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett. “Our manager just called us one night, and we had this opportunity to go sing background vocals for one of [Mellencamp’s] songs after school one day,” Lily says. “We didn’t really know what to expect, and we didn’t know exactly what the project was that he was working on with Stephen King. So we just went down there, it was like a Wednesday afternoon in September, and it was awesome.”

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Despite all of the opportunities they’ve received, the sisters say that their daily lives haven’t changed much. “I go to a really big public school right by our house with like 4,000 kids, so I mean my close friends know about [my music], but nobody really cares that much,” Lily says. “People involved in the music department, though, have been really nice about it and reached out to me and told me that they appreciate that I’m following my dreams.”

In addition to touring, Lily and Madeleine are in the midst of writing and recording their first full-length album. The sisters write all of their own songs, often with the help of Kenny Childers of Indiana-based band Gentleman Caller, who plays the bass on their EP and in several of their YouTube videos. You’d never guess it by listening to their music, but songwriting can sometimes be a challenge for the two sisters. “If you’re stressed out and preoccupied by other things it’s hard to focus and write something that you’re proud of,” Lily says. “But sometimes, we both are in a really good mood, an inspired mood, and we just come up with stuff.”

Of course, having a close relationship doesn’t hurt. “We get along pretty well,” Lily says. “I think that having a business together is kind of strange but it’s really fun because we just work well together. We’ve always had a good relationship.”

It’s amazing how Lily and Madeleine have transformed from two average, albeit exceptionally talented, teenagers to a pair of up-and-coming indie musicians, all within the span of a year. “I think this is all happening pretty fast,” Madeleine says. “It’s only been about a year and so much has come out of it already. It’s been kind of like a crazy adventure so far.” If this past year is any indication, the sisters’ adventure is far from over.

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