Daily Discovery: Love You Later is “Making Plans” in Latest Single


In a world where we are able to communicate at quicker rates than ever before with people from every corner of the globe, how is it possible that we all still feel a sense of loneliness sometimes? There’s millions of people right at our fingertips and yet we still don’t feel the unity that we deserve. This isn’t always easy to admit, but Los Angeles/Nashville based Love You Later’s latest single tackles that subject.

Otherwise known as Lexi Aviles, Love You Later wrote “Making Plans” after spending the day with someone that she wasn’t quite sure on.

“I was feeling lots of mixed emotions about the guy I hung out with the night before the writing session,” says Aviles. “In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I decided to go out with him for the right reasons because the weeks leading up to that, I was feeling super isolated and really needed someone to pass the time with.”

She wrote the song with Andres Owens of The Millennial Club in April of 2019 in LA. It was finished on the other side of the country at Johnluke Lewis’s home studio in Nashville.

This single is a preview as what’s to come for Love You Later, as she is releasing her highly anticipated sophomore record ‘Heaven Is Without You’ this spring. The inspiration for the new album came directly from a desire for continuous growth as an artist. This growth comes from her songwriting, which comes natural when she is in fact inspired.

“I write my best when I have been inspired by something fresh and exciting prior to starting the song—whether it’s a song/album, person, nature, photo/video, movie, etc.” says Aviles.

She goes onto say that surrounding herself with other creative people allows her talents to pour out naturally, a key ingredient in her success.

“I’m the kind of person who channels my surroundings very deeply, so I usually feel most inspired in naturally lit spaces where I don’t feel confined, especially since the songwriting process can take up the whole day.”

With “Making Plans” as her latest single and a new album on the way, Love You Later is expecting a big 2020. She will be showcasing these new songs as she plays in Los Angeles at The Hi Hat on March 22nd. For a complete list of dates, visit her at heyloveyoulater.com.

“Making Plans” is available on streaming sites everywhere today!

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