Lydia Luce Pairs Hope with Psychedelic Visuals on “Dark River”

Lydia Luce expresses her journey back to hope and self-actualization on “Dark River,” the title track and lead single off her upcoming album. 

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After a turbulent year in 2019 feeding into an even more tumultuous year in 2020, Luce, Nashville-based indie-rock artist, was yearning for something to cling to. Between natural disasters and a disastrous breakup, she had plenty of material to fuel her upcoming album.

As for her newest single, she explains it was a product of nature and solitude. 

“This song is the first single and title track of the record. Dark River was written with my friend Raven Katz and lyrically I feel that it really sets the scene well. It’s about holding onto your light or energy and not giving it all away. I’m learning that if and when I do that I have got to recharge or I’m not able to be a useful light source to myself or others,” she explains. 

Luce visually presents her message through a psychedelic hero’s journey music video for “Dark River,” which features an animated version of the singer fighting off ruthless monsters and ultimately yielding the strength she had within her all along. 

Through powerful vocals and raw lyrics, Luce accurately presents the struggle all of us have dealt with this year – the feeling of being powerless to the whims of the world.  

Nonetheless, in a sweeping call to action, she encourages listeners in the pre-chorus to “go against the heavy winds and burn your own fire,” forging through the dark river that awaits all of us. 

Weaved within her vulnerable and relatable tales of growth is the prominent sound of strings and orchestral-inspired inclinations, ultimately creating a more captivating and dynamic track. The reason for the unexpected crossover involves Luce forcibly taking viola lessons growing up, something she is thankful for at the end of the day. 

“I am grateful for my classical upbringing and that I’ve gotten to absorb a diverse education in music. Ultimately it all brought me to this space of getting to create from experiences that are only mine.” 

Coming from such a unique background, Luce articulates her experiences with effortless and enchanting ease.

Check out “Dark River” below and Luce’s upcoming album early next year.  

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