Song of the Day: Marc Broussard, “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”

“Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”

Videos by American Songwriter

Performed by Marc Broussard

Written by Radney Foster


How did you first come upon this song? Any backstory? 

I met Radney Foster some time around 2003, I believe. I don’t recall when I heard “Godspeed” for the first time but it was probably around the same time as meeting him. From what I’ve gathered, this song was inspired after Radney’s ex-wife remarried and moved to France with their only son. It was devastating for Radney and the only way to cope at that time was to write something. 

What do you love about it?

This song has always been a go-to when I needed to get up inside my feelings while out on long tours. Sometimes, when you’ve been gone from home for so long, you start to die a little. There are phases to it. The last phase is numbness and that’s when it’s time to put on “Godspeed” and try to feel something again.

It’s cool that you were able to change “little man” to “little one” and open up a heap of heartstrings for the parents and daughters of the world. Did you have to get Radney Foster’s okay on that?

I made that decision in the vocal booth so I didn’t get Radney’s blessing beforehand. I just figured that I’d re-cut the vocals if he didn’t like it, which thankfully I didn’t have to do. He was very pleased with the outcome. 

What are you listening to these days that everyone should know about? 

Joey Landreth’s solo project along with his earlier group, The Bros. Landreth. Can’t get enough of this guy’s voice! Also, Paris Monster has been slaying me now for over a year, straight! 

Want your lyrics judged by Marc? He’s a 2020 American Songwriter Lyric Contest Judge! Enter here. 

Broussard’s new album, A Lullaby Collection, is due out November 15. “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)” is the first single. Pre-add the album below. 

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