McKenna Faith Breinholt Brings Star Power to ‘American Idol’ With Intense Rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘ET’  

Showing off her intensity with a fan favorite, American Idol contestant McKenna Faith Breinholt took to the stage to perform Katy Perry’s 2011 track ET. 

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While on stage, Breinholt was seen dressed in a black leather dress with matching arm-length gloves as she sang her heart out, noticeably impressing all three judges, especially the song’s creator.

“What a big star-looking moment,” American Idol judge Luke Bryan stated. “Like I said naturally your voice is not suited for those big moments and you’re pushing yourself and it’s cutting through and it’s working. It’s probably outside your comfort zone a lot but keep digging in and learning what your voice can do, but that was a great job.” 

Fellow American Idol judge Lionel Richie quickly chimed in and praised Breinholt. “What I absolutely love about that performance [is] you made a Katy Perry song your song. Your style, the way your voice works, everything about your presentation was all about you doing Katy’s song. I just love the arrangement and I love how you just set in the driver’s seat and just took it to the end. It was a great job.”  

A bit speechless at first, Perry quickly gathered her thoughts. “Great job. I’m kind of shocked right now because I’ve seen a few performances. And if all y’all would have given that maybe even three or four performances… I didn’t even know you had all that in you!” 

American Idol fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on McKenna Faith Breinholt’s seemingly iconic ET performance.

“McKenna is absolutely killing it on American Idol!” one fan wrote. “Her voice is amazing, and her performances are so entertaining. I can’t wait to see her go far!” 

Another fan wrote, “McKenna Faith Breinholt sounding angelically broken, fragile, accessible. Love her voice but worry for her vocal health. The opening was best, near the end the band kinda pulled her under but she tried to hold her own.” 

(Photo via Instagram/American Idol)

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