Mick Jagger Admits He “Did Get Satisfaction Once” in Absurd ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

Mick Jagger made a guest appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show on Tuesday, October 24, but rather than chatting with host Jimmy Fallon like his bandmates Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards did last week, the Rolling Stones singer appeared in an irreverent comedy skit called “Freezer Secrets.”

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Early in the episode, Fallon set up the segment by telling the audience that before continuing the show, he was hungry, and he needed to grab something from the Tonight Show freezer and proceeded to walk through a freezer door that strangely had appeared on the stage.

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When he entered the freezer, the door closed behind him and locked him in, and he was surprised to find Jagger already stuck there, sitting on a box.

When Fallon asked Jagger how he ended up there, the rock legend explained that he’d eaten some hot gazpacho and was looking for a place to cool off, and wound up locked in the freezer as well. Fallon and Jagger realized that since they couldn’t get out of the freezer and were probably doomed, they may as well share some of their deepest secrets.

For his first confession, the 80-year-old rocker admitted that, contrary to what he sang in the classic 1965 Stones hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “One time, I did get satisfaction, way back in 1992.” When Fallon asked what made him satisfied, Jagger shared, “Popping bubble wrap. It’s just so satisfying.”

Jagger also comically revealed that his real name was not Mick, it was Rick, explaining, “One time a barista got it wrong and I was too polite to correct her. It just … stuck.”

Another confession Jagger made was that he never really liked going to the famous New York City disco club Studio 54, because there was a better club next door … “Studio 55.”

Then, after Fallon admitted that his dream wasn’t always to be a late-night host, but rather, like a lot of other comedians, he wanted to be a rock star, Jagger responded by sharing that he’d always wanted to be a comedian like Fallon… “but funny.”

Jagger then revealed that he was actually the mysterious street artist Banksy. Suddenly, Fallon’s sidekick Steve Higgins, holding a copy of the new Rolling Stones album, Hackney Diamonds, entered the freezer, thereby saving his boss and Jagger. Higgins asked Jagger to autograph the LP, and then noticed the rock great had signed “Rick” instead of “Mick.”

Apparently realizing his secret was about to get out, Jagger suddenly took out a dart game and knocked out Higgins and Fallon, then grabbed back the album and exited the freezer, bringing the absurd sketch to an end.

As previously reported, Jagger also appeared in a comedy skit over the weekend on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, portraying the father of host and musical guest Bad Bunny’s character in a mock telenovela.

Meanwhile, Stones guitarist Wood and Richards were guests on The Tonight Show last Wednesday and Friday, respectively, while Fallon was one of the celebrity attendees at the band’s surprise album release show last Thursday at the New York City club Racket NYC.

Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC

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