Mike Harmeier Says New Single “Radio Wave” is His Favorite Track from Forthcoming Album ‘Silverada’: Exclusive

The band formerly known as Mike and the Moonpies will release their first album under their new moniker later this month. The self-titled Silverada will see the time-tested Texas-based band stepping into the latest evolution of their sound. Today, the band gives fans the fourth and likely final sample of the album before it drops on June 28.

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Previous releases from Silverada include “Wallflower,” “Anywhere but Here,” and “Stay By My Side.” Today, the band released the anthemic album opener “Radio Wave.” Watch the official music video for the new song below.

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Mike Harmeier, Silverada’s vocalist, bandleader, and guitarist sat down with American Songwriter to talk about the new album. During the conversation, he revealed that “Radio Wave” was his favorite from the upcoming collection.

Silverada’s Mike Harmeier on “Radio Wave”

“I think ‘Radio Wave’ is the one I attach myself to the most. It set the tone for me about where I’m at,” Mike Harmeier said when asked about his favorite track on Silverada.

“I was thinking about how I got to where I’m at,” he said of his inspiration for writing the song. “The second verse is all about I hate the way I play the blues and stuff like that. I struggle with that all the time. When I took guitar lessons when I was like eight years old, once I learned to play Stevie Ray licks and 1-4-5s I was done with guitar lessons. It was like ‘This is it. I can do this.’ That’s kind of haunted me forever because I feel like I limited myself as a guitar player,” he explained.

“Radio Wave” is a personal song for Harmeier. “The evolution of me as a musician and as a songwriter and a bandleader are all wrapped up in that song,” he explained. “It kind of came from where I’m at and where I want to go. So, that’s the most important song, to me, on the album.”

Silverada—the debut record from a band that has been making great country music for more than a decade—hits record stores and streaming platforms on June 28.

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