Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Not Making a Profit from Bangerz Tour

In a new segment of her Used To Be Young TikTok series, Miley Cyrus revealed that she barely made any profits from her 2014 Bangerz tour. Cyrus claims that after investing a lot of her own personal finances into the tour, she did not earn much money back.

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“The Bangerz Tour was an investment in myself. A lot of these ideas were kind of so outlandish that no one really wanted to support me in making these pieces, so I had big puppets, oversized beds, I came out of my own face on my tongue,” Cyrus explained in Part 30 of her TikTok series. “I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted the tour to be excellent.

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“When everyone kept saying, ‘Why are you doing this? You’re going to do, like, 100 shows and not going to make any money,’ I said, ‘There’s no one I would rather invest in than myself,’ Cyrus added. “So I paid for it all to make it exactly what I thought I and the fans deserved.”

Later in the segment, Cyrus discussed how she and her one-time creative director Diane Martel developed the unique details showcased during the Bangerz tour. “[Martel] goes, ‘How would you want to end this concert?’ Like, ‘The show is so big, how do you want to end it?’ and I wanted to end it in a Truman Show reference,” Cyrus said. “So I flew out on a giant hot dog, obviously, and I left through all the clouds and the exit sign, the way Jim Carrey does, because I felt like The Truman Show was really a reflection of my life.”

In an earlier segment of Used to Be Young, which is named after Cyrus’ latest single, the “We Can’t Stop” singer detailed an experience she had when she sang opposite Beyoncé and Rihanna while she was still a teenager. “What I remember most from doing this performance is I was standing in between two of the big legends and icons that I was looking up to at the time, and they treated me like a little sister the entire time. They were being really sweet,” Cyrus revealed. “I got brackets on the back of my teeth, and I’m singing with Beyoncé.”


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 30

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