NAMM preview: Five Accessories for the Singer/Songwriter

The 2019 Winter NAMM show kicks off this week and with it comes a barrage of new products from manufacturers large and small. American Songwriter will be there all week and we’ll have a recap after the show ends. Guitars and amps tend to attract all the attention, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of five accessories that will help make your performing and recording life a little easier. Press releases provided by individual manufacturers. 1) IKlip 3 Deluxe IK Multimedia has expanded its iKlip range of iPhone/iPad and smartphone/tablet mounting products with the iKlip 3 series. This new line-up, which includes the iKlip 3, iKlip 3 Video, and iKlip 3 Deluxe provides secure, flexible support for a wide range of iPad/tablet sizes during live performance, image and video capture, presentations, and more. The iKlip 3 series offers several iPad/tablet mounting options and configurations. The iKlip 3 is designed for microphone stand mounting and includes a newly designed holding bracket with more durable rubber pads and a spring mechanism that allows users to rotate their device up to 360°. The new design enables the device to be mounted on the front, side, or boom arm of any mic stand so that the device is in the perfect spot for any gig. In addition, a smart bracket design leaves buttons and ports free from obstructions, and expandable arms offer secure support for all popular tablet sizes. The iKlip 3 Deluxe offers the widest range of mounting options for a simplified setup. It includes both the mic stand mounting bracket and the tripod mount attachment, giving users five mounting options in a single product. For further convenience, this combination also allows for mounting directly on top of a mic stand or any other standard UNC camera thread. Each model also sports a new Velcro® strip slot to mount the latest iRig interfaces or simply manage and streamline cables while in use. Rugged, reliable protection Seven years ago, IK created and defined the category of smartphone and tablet mounting products with the acclaimed iKlip range. The new iKlip 3 series builds upon the original with the widest range of mounting options for poles up to 1.2" in diameter, and support for tablets with screen sizes from 7" to 12.1" (with or without a case). It also boasts a high-quality build featuring rugged-yet-lightweight thermoplastic and improved rubber pads designed for heavy use without wearing or stripping. Flexible, adjustable, and easy to position Installation and positioning has been made faster with the iKlip 3 series. The ball & socket joint allows the widest range of positions, in both landscape and portrait mode. It works in tandem with the new 360º mounting bracket to quickly create any viewing angle in seconds. Unlike other tablet mounts, iKlip 3 fits on any part of a pole or tripod for increased flexibility and quick set up, even in unfamiliar settings. Once attached, the new mounting bracket allows users remove the grip with just a few quick twists. iKlip 3 and iKlip 3 Video are available now for $/€49.99* from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide. iKlip 3 Deluxe is available now for $/€69.99* from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide. For more information about the iKlip 3 series, visit: For a video about the iKlip 3 series, visit:   2) AirTurn BT200S-2 Controller

AirTurn BT200S-2 Controller
The BT200S is a durable and tactile, wireless footswitch for creating proprietary, keyboard, audio, and MIDI commands to control your tablet, computer, phone, or other Bluetooth powered devices. Customized Control from MIDI to Media A two-switch canvas to create your own customized controller. With the AirTurn Manager App, take control over a range of settings including: MIDI Commands and Notes Auto-Repeat Idle Time Switch Types Low Power or Fast Response Mode Debounce Adjustment Keyboard Commands including modifiers Keyboard and MIDI messages can be customized even further, with multiple items per switch including separate Press and Release messages. Switches may be defined as Momentary, Latching, Pulse or Command. Choose Your Power Use the rechargeable LiPo battery that lasts 200 hours on a single charge. Or, plug into a USB Wall charger, 9 volt (center-negative) wall charger, or connect on a powered pedal board. Pair and Play You can take your BT200S out of the box and pair with your favorite Bluetooth 4.0 or higher equipped computer or tablet and an AirTurn compatible app and you are ready to go. Default settings work with most apps. Road Ready The BT200S family utilizes an all-new design, made from a virtually indestructible polymer blend that still allows the Bluetooth signal through. Get a full tactile experience with these strong steel switches. Features: 2 or 4 programmable tactile steel switches. Works with hundreds of apps for controlling and performing with MIDI, reading music, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or audio/video media control, and many more. Seven easy to change modes for different uses. Modes for Keyboard Commands, MIDI, Assisted Technology and many Desktop Applications for PC and MAC. The AirTurn Direct mode is available with many apps to support the full virtual keyboard in iOS. Two pairing Methods. Open pairing lets you store the connections of up to 8 different devices for instant connections. Closed pairing stores the connection for only one device and does not connect erroneously to other devices. Assign your keyboard and MIDI commands with the AirTurn Manager (iOS, Mac, Android) Industrial grade foot switches for a fast and reliable response. Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED. Anti-skid control on the base for stage floors. For thick carpeted surfaces we recommend using a firm flat surface underneath. Lithium Polymer battery lasts 200 hours on a charge. Over the Air (OTA) upgradeable using a MAC, iOS or Android tablet, phone or computer. Automatically turns off when tablet or computer is turned off. One year warranty (battery also) includes phone and email support. Charging cable and Quickstart guide included. The BT200S works with tablets/computers/phones that have Bluetooth 4 or higher. Windows computers must have latest MIDI over Bluetooth features to support MIDI connection. (Early model iPads will not work.) Price: $69.00   3) New G7th Performance 3 Capo with Adaptive Radius Technology
G7th Performance 3 Capo
You’re all very likely to be familiar with guitar capos and their pros, cons, and the claims of capo manufacturers… but the creative minds at G7th have been busy. Following the success and acclaim of the Heritage capo, specifically the Adaptive Radius Technology (ART), we are extremely proud and excited to present the new Performance 3 Capo with ART. The revolutionary ART active string pad mechanism infinitely adapts to match the radius over the strings on any guitar perfectly, delivering unrivalled tuning stability by applying even pressure across all the strings. Coupled with the unique tension control system on the Performance range, this gives a near-perfect experience without any of the problems associated with capos in the past. Capos have one main purpose – to hold down your strings without any buzzing. Most of the capos on the market manage that, but not without creating tuning problems. Guitarists have just had to deal with it until we released the Heritage capo. Now, Adaptive Radius Technology is available on a mass market capo and no guitarist should have to suffer from capo issues again.” Nick Campling, G7th Designer and Chairman The Performance 3 capos will be available in our iconic Silver finish, Satin Black and 18kt Gold Plate, and come with our Free Lifetime Warranty as standard. 4) Peterson’s Strobostomp Pedal Tuner Gets A Colorful Upgrade StroboStomp HD Adds Multi-Color Display and Multiple Tuning Modes for Greater Versatility Peterson Strobe Tuners, a leader in professional tuning equipment for over 70 years, has announced the next version of their StroboStomp pedal, the StroboStomp HDTM. Expanding upon the success of the StroboStomp lineup, which debuted in the early 2000s, the StroboStomp HD combines unique innovations of its own along with several heavily requested user features such as a variable multi-color display, pop-less true-bypass function, and buffered output mode.
Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuners
The multi-color display is LCD-based and LED backlit. Users can select a variety of preset colors that will globally change the display color for unique viewing preferences, or if desired, users can also associate a color to any specific tuning preset for quick and confident identification at the gig. Configuration of custom colors can also be done using Peterson’s website app, Peterson ConnectTM, and updating the StroboStomp HD via USB. The large display of the StroboStomp HD can be easily viewed in any lighting condition and doubles the pixel resolution over its predecessor to provide an instant, real-time response of the smallest pitch deviations with zero latency. As with previous models of the StroboStomp, the StroboStomp HD will still feature a true-bypass mode for tone purists. However, the method for enabling true-bypass has been revamped to provide a 100% pop-less experience and eliminates the often annoying “pop” heard with such products when engaged. A unique series of timed relays incorporated within its circuitry shunt the input signal, draining the cause of the popping sound prior to breaking the connection, and effectively shuts the tuner down for direct play through without affecting tone quality. The StroboStomp HD also includes a user-inspired buffered output operation. The buffered output mode was incorporated to overcome potential tone loss in long signal chains while preserving sonic quality all through the instrument range to keep prized core tone intact. “We are truly excited to be offering the most feature-rich tuning pedal in the history of our company at such a competitive price," says Patrick Bovenizer, Vice President of Peterson. "The StroboStomp HD is just our latest representation of excellence through innovation and we hope the low price point will appeal to many first-time strobe tuning users." The street price of StroboStomp HD is $129.99 and will begin shipping in April. Visit for more information or call 1-708-388-3311. 5) D’Addario Accessories Introduces The Professional Tour-Grade Power Base D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch the new Professional Tour-Grade Power Base, designed for the touring musician in constant transition between the stage and the road. The Power Base offers five standard spaced outlets and three transformer spaced outlets. Unlike most power strips that easily tip over, the Power Base features a low, wide footprint in a sturdy metal housing that remains anchored in place no matter how many devices are plugged in. The Power Base also features an integrated cable management system that allows you to wrap the cord around the base for convenience while traveling. No tangling with other cords or gear. No unraveling when thrown in the van. Just an organized power source that’s ready to use, from the studio to the stage and back.
D'Addario Power Base
The Power Base has a:

  • Heavy duty design
o         Double metal housing o         Low, wide footprint remains steady in place
  • Compact and organized
o         Accommodates 5 standard & 3 transformer outlets o         6’ Cable Wraps neatly for storage and transport
  • High quality performance
o         Surge protection with indicator light o         EMI/RFI noise filter reduces amp hum The Professional Tour-Grade Power Base is available now!  

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