New Compilation Collects Syd Barrett’s Greatest “Hits”

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The wild, unruly music of Syd Barrett is being repackaged for the masses.

An Introduction to Syd Barrett, a new album combining tracks by Pink Floyd and Barrett will be released October 26 by Capitol/EMI. The album brings the band’s music together with Barrett’s, their original frontman and songwriter, for the first time on a single compilation.

Floyd fans can expect a more contemporary mix on “Matilda Mother,” with remixes on “Octopus” as well as three other tracks. “Rhamadan”, a 20-minute instrumental which was previously unreleased, will be available as a bonus track with the CD via the iTunes album version and a dedicated web page. The album’s executive producer, Floyd guitarist David Gilmore, also worked as producer and as co-producer on Barrett’s two solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett.

Pink Floyd’s long time associate Storm Thorgerson provides the album’s 20-page neoteric booklet including original artwork, lyrics, and brand new graphics.

An Introduction To Syd Barrett track list

1. ARNOLD LAYNE Pink Floyd

2. SEE EMILY PLAY Pink Floyd

3. APPLES AND ORANGES (Stereo Version) Pink Floyd

4. MATILDA MOTHER (2010 Mix) Pink Floyd

5. CHAPTER 24 Pink Floyd

6. BIKE Pink Floyd

7. TERRAPIN Syd Barrett

8. LOVE YOU Syd Barrett

9. DARK GLOBE Syd Barrett

10. HERE I GO Syd Barrett (2010 Remix)

11. OCTOPUS Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)

12. SHE TOOK A LONG COOL LOOK Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)

13. IF IT’S IN YOU Syd Barrett

14. BABY LEMONADE Syd Barrett

15. DOMINOES Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)

16. GIGOLO AUNT Syd Barrett


18. BOB DYLAN BLUES Syd Barrett

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