New Song Friday! Hear New Music from Mandy Moore, Lil Nas X, Jewel, Ayron Jones, Arcade Fire, and More!

Hello and welcome back to our recurring series in which we share with you our favorite songs and music videos of the week.

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In this week’s installment, we have new music from Mandy Moore, Valerie June, Lil Nas X, Andrew Bird, Molly Tuttle, Jewel, Ayron Jones, and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the songs.

1. Ayron Jones

This week, big-name rocker Ayron Jones released a live video of his latest single, “Hot Friends,” performed in the romance capital of the world: Paris, France. Check out Jones rock out with his prolific electric guitar, as he and his band shack the stage below.

2. Mandy Moore

The pop star turned acclaimed actor turned pop star again Mandy Moore has released her latest star-studded music video for her single “In Real Life,” which you can check out below. The new track showcases what makes Moore so beloved: her vocal touch, her charming smile, and charisma that leaps off the page (or YouTube video).

3. Allison Russel and Hozier

Two of our favorites, Allison Russel and Hozier, covered the song “Stop Draggin My Heart,” which was originally made famous by two other legends: Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. The performance came as part of the 7th annual Love Rocks NYC benefit concert. Check out the all-star collab below.

4. John Ondrasik (of Five for Fighting)

The singer, who rose to fame with the single, “Superman (It’s Not Easy),” with his moniker Five for Fighting has released a few songs lately touching on the state of the world, from his critical track about the U.S. leaving Afghanistan, to his newest, “Can One Man Save The World?”, which touches on the crisis in Ukraine. Check out the tune below.

5. Valerie June

Today, recent Grammy Award-nominee Valerie June released her latest single, “Use Me.” The song features June’s signature lilt, stunning spiritual energy, and fantastic, delightful lyricism. And what bounce. Enjoy!

6. Pluralone

Josh Klinghoffer, frontman for the band Pluralone, is also known as a former band member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a current touring member of Pearl Jam. The multi-instrumentalist has released his latest LP, This is the Show, this week, which includes the thoughtful new single “The Fight For The Soul,” which you can check out below.

7. Warpaint

Warpaint released its latest single and accompanying music video on Thursday (March 17) for the new single “Champion.” The new track also portends a new album from the beautiful dreamy rock group, Radiate Like This, which is out May 6.

8. Andrew Bird

The songwriter and performer Andrew Bird is one of those artists who is on everybody’s favorites list. The whistler-violin player-singer and overall charismatic artist has a voice like time and a sensibility like nature. Check out the latest clever single, “Atomized,” and the music video from Bird below.

9. Jewel

Today, the lovely singer Jewel, aka the recent champion of the popular singing competition show The Masked Singer, has released her latest heartfelt, bluesy single, “Long Way ‘Round,” which you can check out here below. The new smokey-voiced tune also portends a new album, Freewheelin’ Woman, from the standout artist, which is out April 15.

10. Molly Tuttle

With a new album, Crooked Tree, slated for release on April 1, skilled and accomplished guitar player Molly Tuttle has been releasing single after single for her rabid fans. Her latest, “Big Backyard,” features Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show and it’s a standout, to be sure. Check out the new tune from Tuttle below.

11. Zoe Wees

German-born songwriter and performer Zoe Wees released her latest hit today, “Lonely.” The artist offers her skillful, compelling vocals and equally important perspective on the track. Listening to Wees is like reading a diary and we’re enthralled. Check the new song below.

12. Bon Iver and Ethan Gruska

The songwriting duo, who recently released a movie-inspired LP, has released their latest delicate single “So Unimportant” The new track is like a line of thread piercing and sewing up the metaphorical holes in your heart. It’s a delight and rather addictive.

13. Rosalia

The recent Saturday Night Live performer Rosalia released her latest single and accompanying music video for the intimate and personal track “Hentai.” The Spanish-speaking artist sings timelessly. The song could be brand new or something found in an attic on a scratchy vinyl. To play it once is to play it over and over.

14. Hardy

The burgeoning country star Hardy released his latest single and accompanying music video for the track “Sold Out.” Hardy has a superpower to be both cutting edge and traditionally resonate. It’s a talent, to be sure. And it’s on full display in his latest hit single.

15. Anna Sofia

This singer-songwriter is like an opera wrapped up in a pop song. And Sofia’s latest, “Surround Me,” is no different. Her music has a way of flying into your brain and staying there like an airplane and with each note, each line, a passenger makes a home in your skull. It’s uncanny. Check out the new song below.

16. Arcade Fire

One of the biggest names in popular rock music Arcade Fire released its latest single and accompanying music video for the track “The Lightning I, II” this week, and the song is already a hit, featuring acoustic guitars, passionate singing performances, and powerful pianos. Check it out in all of its strengths below.

17. Dropkick Murphys

Massachusetts-born rock band Dropkick Murphys released a cover of the traditional song “We Shall Overcome” this week and it’s as rousing as you might imagine. The track highlights the need for unity today in modern-day America and the message is heard loud and clear. Check out the cover tune below.

18. Saya Gray

We loved coming across this new single from the songwriter and performer Saya Gray. It begins with stalwart acoustic guitars and features the artist’s standout singing voice. The track could be on the hit television show Insecure, which is known for its often-ethereal scoring. We can’t wait for more from Gray.

19. Still Corners

This week, Still Corners released their latest music video for their recent single “Far Rider,” which you can check out below. Dubbed as a “seven-minute desert-noir odyssey,” the song bounces and floats and is emblematic of the band’s unique chemistry. Enjoy.

20. Tom Morello

This week legendary guitar player Tom Morello released two new songs exclusive to Spotify, including a somber rendition of his song “Raising Hell,” and a cover of the great Tom Waits tune “Come On Up to The House,” which you can check out below. It sounds like classic rock in all of the best ways. Kudos to Mr. Morello.

21. Lil Nas X

All this week, the famed rapper and producer Lil Nas X has been teasing new tunes and this clip below labeled “Lean On My Body,” features exquisite rhyming and lyricism from the acclaimed, genre-bending artist. Check it out here below in anticipation of even more new tunes.

22. John Doe

Punk rocker John Doe, who rose to fame with his band X, has released a new single this week and accompanying music video for the track “Never Coming Back,” which you can check out below in all of its poignant lyrical prowess. The song also portends a new solo album, Fables in a Foreign Land, set for release on May 20.

23. Billy Strings

The bluegrass sensation Billy Strings took his talents to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week to play his song “Know It All.” The performance demonstrates Strings’ prowess as a six-string player as well as his band’s immeasurable talents by his side. Check out the head-bobber below.

24. Tool

Today, the industrial rock band Tool released its first video in 15 years, “Opiate2.” And fans can watch a three-minute preview of the short film below. It features thick bass, meandering guitars, and the band’s signature heft. The new track is a re-imagined and extended version of the band’s 1992 single, “Opiate.” Both the song and video mark the 30th anniversary of the EP of the same name.

25. Cypress Hill

The west coast rappers released a new album today, Back In Black, and to celebrate the release, the legendary hip-hop group shared a new video for the single, “Certified,” which you can check out here below. We’re only a few weeks away from 420, however, so maybe you want to save it for then!

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