NOFX to Break Up Next Year in 2023

NOFX will soon be no more.

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The band’s frontman Fat Mike announced on social media that the band will disband in 2023. In the comment section of an Instagram post on Wednesday (August 31), the singer and bassist offered the news, noting, “Next year will be our last year.”

The band itself hasn’t released an official breakup announcement on any social media platform, Fat Mike (aka Michael Burkett) was obviously sure of the band’s future that he let fans know.

After a fan commented that the hardcore group was not playing in Canada much while on tour, Mike offered a response, “Actually, We love Canada, it’s just that next year will be our last year. We will be announcing our final shows soon. It’s been an amazing run….”

As fans began to take in the announcement, another social media user asked if the band would perform in Los Angeles before splitting. Replying to that query, Mike responded, “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. It’s where we started, it’s where we’ll end.”

Fans can check out the Instagram post by the artists in which he spoke about the breakup news.

Assuming the news is accurate, the band, which formed in 1983, will go out after 40 years. Considering most bands don’t make it out of their garages, that’s a pretty good run.

As of now, NOFX is still headlining their ongoing worldwide Punk in Drublic festivals (fans can buy tickets here via Ticketmaster).

NOFX’s most recent album, their 15th, was Single Album in 2021.

Perhaps more news will trickle out from the group as the announcement from Fat Mike spreads. Or maybe the punk rockers will just let the Instagram post linger, wishing to not be any more formal than that.

In the video below, Fat Mike wrote as a caption, “Getting a shave and a haircut in Alaska! Today I land in Ketchikan…. Anyone wanna take me and my lady on a bike tour? 

Check it out here:

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