Paloma Faith Reveals She May Quit Music for Another Career

While starring in films like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Youth, Dread, and Pennyworth, many know Paloma Faith as the singer behind hit songs like “Stone Cold Sober”, “New York”, and “Upside Down.” Spending over 17 years in the spotlight, the singer released six studio albums, with her last, The Glorification of Sadness, focusing on her split with Leyman Lahcine. Sharing two daughters, Faith recently discussed her stardom and even hinted at making a career move that is a little closer to home. 

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Discussing her career in music with Jamie Lang, Faith insisted that her children come before albums, songs, and even relationships. While the singer hopes to release another album in the future, she admitted to wanting to make a drastic career shift. And it seems she is looking to become a teacher. “My mum’s always telling me I need to train to be a teacher.”

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Recalling what her mother said to her about becoming a teacher, Faith explained, “She’s like, ‘You’ve had kids, you’ve done the pop star thing. Go and do PGCE [teacher training] because then you can have the same holidays as your kids’. I’m considering it. I just might put one more record out.”

Paloma Faith Admits She Will Never Get Away From The Heartbreak

Outside of contemplating a new career, Faith also noted her ongoing love for Lahcine. Not holding back her thoughts, she said, “The heartbreak will be forever. You can’t really let go of somebody you’ve got kids with. Some people never speak [to their exes] again, but they’re still very present because you see that person in your kids.”

Detailing how the heartbreak is still fresh, Faith continued, “In my case, it’s even harder because we really like each other a lot and we still love each other. It makes it really confusing. It’s heartbreaking every time we see each other.”

Believing she would never get away from the heartbreak, Faith pointed to her children as being the reason. “The heartbreak will be forever and the navigation of our relationship changing shape will be forever, probably till we die. You can’t really let go of somebody you’ve got kids with Because you look at your kids and you see that person in your kids. Or they come back from visiting them – your partner or ex-partner – and they’re doing their mannerisms or they’ve got opinions that you don’t agree with.”

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