Pat Green is Back with His First Album in Seven Years—‘I Try to Tell the Truth as it Exists’

“It’s definitely a trip through me,” the Texas mainstay tells American Songwriter of his latest release, Miles and Miles of You.

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The country roots singer-songwriter Pat Green’s first full-length album since Home (2015), Miles and Miles of You is an intensely personal record that explores themes of life, love, the road to success, and beyond.

“I don’t really write songs just to sit around and write songs,” the “Wave on Wave” singer shares. “All my songs are so autobiographical. They’re personal,” he continues.

The new album reflects on where Green is now. “That’s the thing I always tune in to,” he explains, taking a step back and saying “here’s where my life is.” “I try to tell the truth as it exists and that works really well for me,” he said.

Green describes the project as a feel-good record, like hitting a refresh button after the pandemic. The 10-track album is balanced with ballads and bangers. Fun and anthemic songs, like “If It Don’t Have a Honky Tonk,” meet intimate and self-reflective tunes, like “Steady” about his wife (Kori )and “Bad Bones,” a song he calls “a trip through my extremely twisted 12-step life.”

From his debut in the mid-’90s to now, a lot of growth has taken place and he says he feels more and more comfortable with his sound and knowing what he wants with each record. “I’m not really searching for myself as much,” he explains.

Green reflects on his journey through humble beginnings, from Texas songwriting stardom to now with Miles and Miles of You. Released earlier this month the new album follows Green on his biggest touring year in 17 years with shows scheduled through Thanksgiving, 2022.

Track List:

1. “I’m Going Home”

2. “Miles and Miles of You”

3. “Build You a Bar”

4. “April 5th”

5. “If It Don’t Have a Honky Tonk”

6. “Bad Bones”

7. “Steady”

8. “All in This Together”

9. “This Old Hat”

10. “Echo”

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