Power Duo Plains (Waxahatchee and Jess Williamson) Drop Single ‘Abilene’ from New Collaborative Album

Jess Williamson and Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield have joined musical forces for a cross-country-sized album, driven by a sense of place and punctuated by vivid storytelling.

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Creating under the name Plains, the duo recently debuted the song “Abilene” off of their forthcoming collaborative project, I Walked With You A Ways. Accompanied by an aching music video, featuring Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene, the song plays like a country waltz with a modern feel.

“The song ‘Abilene’ really solidified the vision of the album for me,” said Crutchfield of the single. “I’ll never forget how giddy I felt when Jess sent me the original demo.”

The song sets a scene of a time and place that’s hard to look back on (We don’t need to talk about Abilene / Cause Abilene don’t mean / No couple acres, no screened in porch / So I don’t talk about Abilene no more) while the video furthers the story, forcing a gnawing question: How do you know when to let love go? Williamson sings, Texas in my rearview / Plains in my heart and the answer, the heartbreaking understanding, becomes clear.

“In the video for ‘Abilene,’ my dear friend Adriene Mishler plays the narrator of the song,” explains Williamson, “We see her struggle in the final stages of a romantic relationship and then make the hard decision to choose herself and leave.

“I think we all have our own personal ‘Abilene,'” the singer-songwriter continues. “Maybe it’s a place where you used to live and things didn’t turn out as planned, like in the song. It could also be a relationship that ended in disappointment, a dream that turned into hard reality, or even an old version of yourself that’s better left in the past. ‘Abilene’ is a song about knowing your worth, having courage in the face of an uncertain future, and trusting your gut.”

“Abilene” follows the previously released single “Problem with It” from I Walked With You A Ways, which is set for release on Oct. 14. The pair gave themselves permission with this album to lean into the sounds they grew up on. I Walked With You A Ways will see the duo channeling the likes of Dolly Parton, The Chicks, and more.

Of the star pairing, Crutchfield said, “I’m thrilled to announce this new project and album. I’ve felt a connection to Jess’s songwriting and a kinship with her since we met years ago. Getting to lean into the influence of the music we both grew up with while also making something that feels very current and fresh to me was a great experience and I’m so happy to finally share it.”

“Making this record with Katie was a deeply expansive experience for me as a songwriter,” Williamson adds. “I really trust her ear and sensibilities, and she encouraged me to explore aspects of my songwriting that in the past I’ve shied away from. Katie’s support was so important for me as we wrote this album … I love the album we made, and I’m so excited to play it live.”

Beginning in Seattle, Washington, Plains sets off in late October on a 24-date North American tour.


1. “Summer Sun”

2. “Problem With It”

3. “Line Of Sight”

4. “Abeline”

5. “Hurricane”

6. “Bellafatima”

7. “Last 2 On Earth”

8. “Easy”

9. “No Record Of Wrongs”

10. “I Walked With You A Ways”

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