Cheers! Phil Vassar’s Songs from the Cellar Podcast Joins ASPN

Phil Vassar, country Billboard-topping singer-songwriter, is inviting you to step into his office. And by office, we mean Vassar’s unique underground wine cellar in Nashville, Tennessee. In this specific cellar, Vassar chats with artists, songwriters, entertainers, athletes, comedians and wine enthusiasts for his podcast aptly entitled Songs from the Cellar.

Songs from the Cellar is now a part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network, and a new season of candid conversations launched this month. “I’m so excited that Songs from the Cellar is now a podcast on the American Songwriter Podcast Network,” Vassar said. “It’s gonna be great. You’re gonna love this.”

Vassar showcases his keen understanding of the music and entertainment industries in his latest episode of Songs from the Cellar. The episode features Charles Esten, the Nashville hit-series superstar. The two explore Esten’s passions for music and acting over a drink in Vassar’s wine cellar. Esten also recounts his experiences of playing the legendary singer-songwriter Buddy Holly in the U.K.’s hit musical Buddy. Listen to the podcast episode below or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Drew Reifenberger, Circle General Manager, also spoke to Vassar’s charming ability as a podcast host. “He has a natural gift for making his guests feel at home, which creates organic moments and makes for great episodes. The roster of talent that joins him is also so wide-ranging, from Mike Tyson to Dennis Quaid in previous seasons, and now Jo Dee Messina and Lonestar,” Reifenberger said. “You really never know what you’re going to get when a new guest steps into his cellar!”

The ease in which Vassar finds in chatting with creators is no surprise when you examine his own creative past. He is an award-winning, piano-pounding powerhouse who wrote songs for Tim McGraw (“For a Little While,” “My Next Thirty Years”), Alan Jackson (“Right on the Money”) and Jo Dee Messina (“Bye, Bye,” “I’m Alright”). Additionally, he is a recipient of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) awards and released several albums.

Tune in every week to discover more episodes like Esten’s. Vassar and his guests will continue to discuss everything from careers in the music industry to personal triumphs and shortcomings. 

Watch below for Vassar’s description of some of his favorite moments from the podcast and find out more here or here.

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