Daily Discovery: ELENA ROSE Sends a Message of Care with “Pikachu”

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Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

ELENA ROSE’s wish is for listeners to dedicate her latest single, “Pikachu,” to someone they care about. Rose says the song feels soothing and relaxing through both the lyrics and production, describing it as a “virtual hug.”

“It’s a way of you sending someone a hug or just a way of telling someone that you love them,” Rose tells American Songwriter. “It doesn’t have to be only on a romantic, relationship level. It could just be a friendship or a family member, just someone you care about.”

The intro of “Pikachu” came about when Rose was feeling for a friend who had gotten in a fight. “He was in a very toxic environment of people. I was sad because I couldn’t do much for him and the intro was the first thing that came out,” Rose says. The singer/songwriter then finished the song with Hector Mazzari and Christian Aloisio about two months after her initial inspiration.

“We were vibing and I said, ‘Hey, I have an intro for a song, do you guys want to help me finish it?’ and we gave life to ‘Pikachu.’ It was amazing,” says Rose.

Rose reveals that her favorite lyrics from the song are I want to take care of you how I take care of myself when I go out with a skirt. “It just really represents that I want to be able to be there for you the way I am for, with all my heart,” Rose says.

Raised between Puerto Rico and Venezuela and now based out of Miami, Rose initially made a name for herself as a songwriter. She released her debut single, “Sandunga,” in May of 2020.

At the end of the day, Rose loves writing music that she’s impressed by and hopes others will relate to. She also expresses a love for the feeling of realization that comes from putting a song together.

“When writing a song, I feel that I have a lot of puzzle pieces and I’m just rearranging them. Or if I’m playing chess and I’m just moving everything around,” Rose shares. “When I get this song, it’s like ‘I finished this puzzle.’”

Listen to Elena Rose’s “Picachu” below.

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