Priscilla Presley Is Being Sued by Her Ex-Business Partner—Here’s Why

Priscilla Presley will be going to court. Her former business partner claims that the business mogul turned her back on her after she helped Presley out. According to the former business partner, she helped Presley “dig herself out of impending financial ruin.”

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Brigitte Kruse is suing Presley after Presley’s advisors sent her a cease and desist order. According to Kruse, Presley cut off all contact with her after she helped Presley develop the film, Priscilla.

“Though [Kruse’s company] was integral to the Priscilla movie, all individuals other than Priscilla were excluded from the premiere of the Priscilla Movie at the Venice Film Festival,” the lawsuit read according to Billboard.

Presley’s lawyers called for the lawsuit’s dismissal, claiming that Kruse tried to “misappropriate Ms. Presley’s assets.” So, Presley parted ways with her business partner. Kruse filed the lawsuit under Priscilla Presley Partners, a company started by both Presley and Kruse. Kruse owns a majority stake in the company.

“Because of the upcoming movie about Priscilla’s life … Kruse (and Kevin Fialko) began arranging for engagements for Priscilla to allow her to dig herself out of impending financial ruin (and the potential negative public ramifications of the same), and engaging professionals to keep creditors at bay,” the lawsuit reads.

Priscilla Presley Sued by Business Partner

According to the lawsuit, Presley breached her contract with Kruse by sending the cease and desist letter and cutting communication.

“In reliance on the agreements defendant voluntarily entered into, plaintiff has devoted substantial time and capital into increasing the value of defendant’s NIL,” Kruse’s lawyers said. “When defendant’s NIL and earning capacity is at its highest that it has been in decades, defendant, without notice, cut off Plaintiff’s ability to exploit that NIL for her sole benefit.”

However, Presley’s lawyers said she felt tricked and targeted by Kruse. Lawyers said Presley chose to break up the partnership after realizing Kruse tried to misappropriate assets.

“Eventually, Ms. Presley learned that Ms. Kruse and her associate were attempting to misappropriate Ms. Presley’s assets and were engaging in other acts of wrongdoing,” Presley’s lawyers wrote. “Thus, Ms. Presley began extricating herself from Ms. Kruse’s various entanglements. In response, Ms. Kruse … utilized her control of [Priscilla Presley Partners] to orchestrate and file this Florida lawsuit.”

While Kruse hopes to go to court, Presley’s lawyers say the lawsuit lacks jurisdiction since Kruse filed the lawsuit in Florida. They claim that Presley has no connection to the state.

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