Post Malone Releases “I Had Some Help” Featuring Morgan Wallen from His Upcoming Debut Country Album

Post Malone has been itching to release country music for years. Now, he’s doing just that. Last year, he teamed up with HARDY for the Joe Diffie tribute Difftape. Today, he took another step toward a career in country music. The first single from his upcoming full-length country debut dropped today. Watch the music video for his highly-anticipated collaboration with Morgan Wallen, “I Had Some Help” below.

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Malone and Wallen debuted the song during Wallen’s headlining set at Stage Coach last month. Then, days later, they announced the song’s release date. They also teased a clip of the track on social media. The song is an upbeat number about the end of a relationship. Addressing his ex, the song’s narrator says he didn’t ruin their relationship alone, he had some help. So, he’s accepting his part of the blame and just wants his former partner to take their share as well.

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Post Malone had some help bringing this song to life. He co-penned it with ERNEST, Wallen, Hoskins, Louis Bell, and Ryan Vojtesak. Bell and Hoskins co-produced the track with Charley Handsome.

Post Malone Jumps Head First Into Country Music

After years of wanting to record a country album and performing several stellar country covers, Post Malone is finally breaking into the genre. The song and its accompanying video show that Malone did his homework. Together, they represent a checklist of sorts for modern mainstream country music.

First and foremost, it’s a breakup song, one of the staples of the genre. However, it’s not a heartbreak song. Instead, “I Had Some Help” is more of a middle finger extended toward the ex-partner in question. Then, there’s alcohol. No modern mainstream country song would be complete without some booze.

The checklist continues in the video. The clip takes place in a pair of settings. First, a dive bar complete with cold beer, line dancing, and attractive women in Western wear. Then, Wallen and Malone hop in their jacked-up pickup truck to cut some donuts in the desert under a massive American flag.

“I Had Some Help” will likely climb quickly to the top of the charts and be this summer’s country radio anthem.

Featured Image by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach

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