Watch The Brand New Music Video of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”—Nearly 55 Years in the Making

The Beatles may have officially broken up back in the 1970s, but the band is still releasing new material. And the brand-newest material is a music video for the 1970 hit song “Let It Be”.

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The four-minute music video showcases scenes from the restored Let It Be film that was released in 1970, but had not gotten in front of the eyes of fans for many years.

You can watch the full music video below:

The Let It Be Film Has Finally Been Restored

Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson was the man behind restoring the film, and the results have been incredible. Jackson also spearheaded the miniseries The Beatles: Get Back from 2021.

The Let It Be movie follows The Beatles in their attempt to make an album collaboratively. Each of the four band members were known to butt heads with each other. This the process of recording an album almost impossible. The band famously contributed solo performances from each member when recording the 1968 White Album, owing to their inability to work together.

The original film was directed by Michael Linsday Hogg using footage directly from the studio. After wrapping up The Beatles: Get Back, Peter Jackson began working on restoring Let It Be. He reportedly decided to soften the film a bit to avoid focusing on the more difficult aspects of the era in which it was filmed. The restored version just recently premiered on Disney+.

The song “Let It Be” was released in 1970 as a single. It catapulted to #1 on charts in the US. It’s one of their most popular songs of all time. Paul McCartney even continued to perform the song live long after The Beatles were no more.

The brand-new music video for the song features scenes from the Let It Be film along with outtakes and live performances.

Photo by Ethan A. Russell

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