Remi Wolf’s New Single “Liz” is Soulful and Funky

Remi Wolf is already taking the music world by storm with the release of her new single “Liz.”

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The new track—about how, in her loneliness, nobody appears to be there for her except for her friend Liz, who seems like she may be falling apart in her own way too— has Wolf singing about her feelings for Liz.

And it was Liz, Liz /She taught me how to live / It was Liz, Liz / She taught me how to give / It was Liz, Liz / She taught me how to live / It was Liz, Liz, Liz / Oh, Liz, she sings in the chorus.

Wolf, known for her high-pitched riffs and unique performance style, has been performing the new song on tour for years now, and found herself wanting to record the fan-favorite in the studio.

“I wanted to share ‘Liz’ as a gift to my little Remjobs who have been with me since the beginning and have been asking for this song everyday over the last few years,” she said of the song. “I’ve been performing ‘Liz’ on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. This record shows a different side of my work… I felt so happy and free creating this song and I hope it makes whoever is listening feel the same.”

Wolf, a singer/songwriter from California, first appeared on American Idol in 2014 during her senior year at Palo Alto High School. Since that time, she’s released dozens of pop singles with an R&B influence.

In addition, Wolf released a video of her live performance to accompany the single, where the beautiful view and moody guitar compliment Wolf’s vocals.

You can check out “Liz” below and download here.

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