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Book Review: ‘Country Music’s Greatest Lines’

Country Music’s Greatest Lines (Amazon)By Bobby BraddockWith Illustrations by Carmen Beecher (History Press) Here’s a special book that came in the mail for me a couple of weeks back. It’s called Country Music’s Greatest...

From Genesis to Revelation: Guitarist Steve Hackett Lays Himself Bare

Steve Hackett | A Genesis in My Bed - The Autobiography | (Wymer Publishing)4 out of 5 Stars Steve Hackett could rightfully be called a journeyman musician. From the time he first picked up his...

Excerpts from ‘What Is It All But Luminous: Notes from an Underground Man’ by Art Garfunkel

Part One of an ongoing celebration of Art Garfunkel, legendary singer and song champion, as well as poet and author, including daily installations from a remarkable new interview conducted during this lockdown “For...

Favorite Bob Dylan Books, Part II: ‘Dylan & Me: 50 Years of Adventures’ by Louie Kemp

Part II of an ongoing series celebrating our favorite books about Bob Dylan. As any Dylan fans knows who is also a book lover, there are libraries of books all dedicated to this one songwriter. It's...

Exclusive Excerpt from Behind the Boards: Nashville Details Two Carrie Underwood Hits

Behind the Boards: Nashville (pre-order) -- the latest project by author Jake Brown -- invites readers inside for front-row, first-hand conversations with 30 of Country music’s most successful and legendary record producers of the past 50 years.

Blues & Chaos: The Music Writing Of Robert Palmer

BLUES & CHAOS: THE MUSIC WRITING OF ROBERT PALMER By Robert Palmer; Edited By Anthony DeCurtis (SCRIBNER) The estimable, passionate critic and journalist Robert Palmer is no doubt best recalled 13 years after his death as the author of the seminal book...

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