Riot Fest Announces Their “Exodus” From Douglass Park, Reveals New Location and a New Name

There’s been a lot of changes involving the 2024 stint of the beloved Midwest rock music festival, Riot Fest

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Just yesterday, the movers and shakers behind the fest announced that they would leave the original location of Douglass Park in Chicago, Illinois. Douglass Park has historically been where Riot Fest would take place for the last decade.

“You find me penning this letter at the end of what was built—the culmination of the wildest journey Riot Fest has traveled,” Riot Fest co-founder Riot Mike said in a statement about Riot Fest 2024. “Riot Fest will be leaving Douglass Park. And—allow me to be as clear as the azure sky of the deepest summer—our exodus is solely because of the Chicago Park District. Their lack of care for the community, you, and us, ultimately left us no choice.”

It looks like the move is related to drama between the festival creators and the City of Chicago, though there’s little information about the true nature of the spat online.

Now, it looks like Riot Fest has been rebranded as RiotLand and will take place in an entirely new location.

Where Will RiotLand Take Place?

RiotLand Festival will now take place in Bridgeview, Illinois at SeatGeek Stadium.

The announcement may be sad to those who love the original spot, but there are some perks that come with the move. The festival will now feature an all-new layout as well as a name change to RiotLand. There will allegedly be better parking opportunities at the new location as well. On-site parking was not available at Douglass Park.

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Just as well, there will be actual public bathroom access at SeatGeek Stadium. Only port-a-potties were available for Riot Fests past. And nobody likes a port-o-potty.

The new location is about 11 miles away from the original Riot Fest location. More news surrounding the big changes will likely come out in the coming months.

Riot Fest 2024 (or RiotLand 2024) will kick off on September 20 through 22. And it will feature a massive lineup of performers. Just a few big names include Slayer, Fall Out Boy, The Offspring, Sublime, The Marley Brothers, NOFX, and many, many more.

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